The Ultimate Guide to Sprucing Up Your Patio 

Staying indoors 24/7 is boring. The bright sun, blue skies, and a favourite drink can make one feel better. If you thought you needed to be on vacation on a tropical island to enjoy such experiences, you thought wrong.

Add in the shade, put out some outdoor chairs, and maybe set up a grill. There you have it! A vacation spot right at home. Once you spruce up your patio, you can enjoy the outdoors without the hassles of packing and travelling.  

6 Ways to Spruce Your Patio

Live in Style

Restricting your outdoor furniture to basic chairs and tables is an amateur move. Now you can match your outdoors to any aesthetic that you want. Choose from a bohemian, modern, or even farmhouse style to improve your outdoors. Once you have picked an aesthetic, add catchy furniture and accent pieces to make the outdoors stay exceptional throughout the year. This way, you can have a trendy yet comfortable living space.

Throw in a Splash of Green

That’s right. If your outdoors is starting to look a little drab, plants are the quickest fix. From succulents that need very little attention to vegetable plants for you to care for, all the pandemic plant parents and horticulture enthusiasts can find something to keep outdoors interesting. Kalanchoe and Alocasia Silver Dragon are the most popular plants in 2022 and look great with multiple interior designs.

Layer Up

You could not be further from the truth if you thought layering was meant only to add edge to your outfits. The outdoor living space of your house can benefit from layering too. Instead of sticking to classic outdoor chairs and patio tables, add a fun rug and maybe put together a couple of throw pillows and lanterns for a touch of creativity. Outdoor decor is often an unexplored area for many people, and you can personalise your space with a little attention.

Bring Out the Pop

Sometimes, all your outdoor space needs is a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps in the shade of bright teal. Amp up the space by ditching the traditional colour palette and going for a bolder shade to bring attention to the area. You can certainly keep the bright colours restricted to one wall or just the door but no one is stopping you from having a coloured outdoor living space. Just saying.

Privacy Rules

When you have finally designed an outdoor space you want to spend time in, nosy neighbours can be the next obstacle. Worry not. Think of ways to block your neighbour’s spying attempts creatively. Outdoor draperies are wonderful creations, and they add whole new magic to your space. With drapes that withstand the elements, you can rest assured that your space stays your own.

Fun with Shapes

Rectangular tables and L-shaped couches are functional, no doubt. But where is the fun in that furniture? Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with shapes in your space. Look for rounded deck couches and kitsch outdoor chairs to create visual interest in your outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

Unwinding under the clear skies holds a different kind of appeal. After a day’s stress and exhaustion, some fresh air can certainly do you good. Instead of counting down the days to the next holiday, make the most of your outdoor living space. Stretch out your muscles and catch some Vitamin D in your fun and trendy outdoor space while getting your daily dose of fresh air.

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