What Are Coworking Spaces And Why Are They So Popular?

Coworking can be defined as the assembly of multiple professionals in one place working with different companies on different tasks. The distinguishing factor between a coworking and corporate is that a coworking houses people from different companies in one space.

Flexible workspaces offer multiple amenities which are similar to those of an established corporate, however, the major difference is flexibility. As coworking offers the freedom and flexibility to work without any restrictions. Adding to their popularity, these workplaces don’t require their clients to pay a long-term lease.

Amenities offered by coworking spaces vary significantly however the basics like WiFi, printers, and meeting rooms are standard. In addition to the common amenities, some coworking spaces offer snacks and tea, etc. Some premium places provide business solutions, legal advice, and other digital services. 

Types of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces come in all sizes and landscapes. The types of coworking spaces are based on differences in amenities, premium features, and environments. The different forms of coworking spaces are mentioned as follows; 

  1. Ventures and Incubators

The most exclusive best coworking spaces include incubators or venture capital facilities. These offices serve to fund and register businesses by giving them the funds and assistance they require to start. 

Aesthetic considerations should be kept in mind when selecting a workplace. Coworking spaces can be creative, contemporary, and modern with corporate-like touches. Furthermore, coworking facilities provide on-demand areas where you can reserve a conference room or virtual package in addition to your plan.

  1. Private Workspaces 

These are custom-built offices designed for one company. It gives them a place to exclusively operate out of. Companies lease out such spaces on a long-term basis and accommodate their teams to perform in a personalized area.

  1. Industry Specific Workspaces

As the name suggests these types of coworking houses individuals that belong to a common industry. For example, coworking for creatives will house graphic designers, artists, and videographers/editors. 

  1. Open Workspaces 

Open workspaces are the epitome of coworking. This type of workspace has hot desk facilities and dedicated individual desks. Here people from different organizations can work together at the same time. Freelancers and remote workers of international companies use these types of workspaces.  

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

  1. Boosts Productivity

Within a coworking place, there is an environment of productivity that motivates people to work. In a space full of high-performers, people feel motivated and hence coworking is proven to boost productivity.

  1. Community

The best flexible workspaces offer their members a sense of community. As different people sit together and work they’re able to form a connection among themselves. They share ideas, brainstorm, and have productive discourse. This enables people to achieve solutions to complex problems.  

  1. Networking

Coworking space in Lahore holds multiple social events which enable their members to connect with industry experts and other guests. This allows people to move up in the corporate world and find great career opportunities. 

  1. Flexibility 

With coworking spaces in Lahore, members do not need to sign up for any long-term lease to avail of services. They allow people to book themselves a spot on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space

When one decides to operate out of a flexible workspace, one often wonders which coworking space near me is the best. A number of such spaces are opening up in Lahore. 

The way to choose the right one is based on multiple considerations. These include but are not limited to the following;

  • Location 

During the choice of deciding which coworking to subscribe to, it is of utmost importance to consider their location. If the location is approachable and is the commute easily available.  These are some of the considerations that vary from person to person.

  • Price

Furthermore, one’s personal budget and the amount they are willing to spend is also important choice factor. This factor considerably dictates one’s choice of coworking. 

  • Work Environment 

For a large number of people, the work environment and ethos are major contributing factors when committing to a job. Similarly, when looking for a flexible workspace people place considerable importance on the environment and culture the place fosters.  

  • Amenities 

This might be the lowest on some people’s list of preferences when choosing a workplace but some give it a lot of thought. The amount and quality of the amenities dictate people’s choices, depending upon their needs. 

The Future of Coworking

As generation Z makes up the workforce and starts experimenting more with their career choices it is possible that the trend of coworking increases. As more and more people segue towards freelancing and remote work, it is highly likely they’ll opt for coworking. 

With technological advancements and newer opportunities for making money, the youth is likely to come up with innovative business ideas. 


Coworking probably won’t completely replace traditional office spaces. And freelance employment isn’t something that will happen to everyone overnight. Big companies will still prosper and startups will emerge from scratch. However, they might place less emphasis on having centralized offices and more emphasis on providing benefits like remote working.

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