Genital Herpes Treatment Over the Counter

Genital herpes is an infection that affects the genital area. It can cause days or even weeks of pain. Although there is no cure for this condition, it can be managed with antiviral drugs. These medications can also help people who are infected with herpes feel better and reduce the symptoms of the disease. These medications may also reduce the risk of transmission.

These genital herpes treatment over the counter medications are generally well tolerated and come with few side effects. However, it’s important to consider how long you’ve had the infection before you decide to take any kind of treatment. Having a genital herpes outbreak can leave you feeling embarrassed and ashamed. These feelings can also lead to anger and fear of rejection. Genital herpes can cause a lot of damage, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as you feel the symptoms starting to appear.

While some topical creams can provide temporary relief from the pain, it’s still better to use prescription medication. Topical creams may not be as effective as oral medications and may increase the risk of developing viral resistance. A doctor’s consultation is important to make sure the medication is right for you. There are a number of over-the-counter genital herpes treatments that you can purchase in a local pharmacy.

Acyclovir is the oldest over-the-counter genital herpes treatment. It has been around since 1982 and is available in both tablet and topical form. This antiviral medication is a good choice for first-time or recurrent outbreaks. In addition to treating symptoms, it also reduces the risk of transmission. However, it’s important to note that there is limited data on its safety when used by pregnant women. Consider genital herpes over the counter treatment now.

Using suppressive therapy, which reduces the number of outbreaks, is also an effective genital herpes treatment. With a course of treatment, you can reduce the number of outbreaks by as much as 75%, and in some cases, prevent them altogether.

Genital herpes symptoms include multiple blisters on the genital area. Women commonly experience blisters in the vagina or vulva, while men often experience outbreaks on the penis and outer labia. These lesions may crust over and heal. Typically, outbreaks last for five to seven days. In addition, you may have flu-like symptoms such as joint pain, fever, or headache. Get in touch with Herpecillin for over the counter treatment for genital herpes.

In some cases, blood tests are required to determine if you are infected with the herpes virus. The results of this test are not conclusive, however, and it may be necessary to repeat it eight to 12 weeks after the outbreak. It is important to note that the tests are more sensitive for detecting HSV-1 infection than for detecting HSV-2. Herpes medicine can help prevent outbreaks from recurring and make them shorter and less painful. The best treatment for herpes is prevention. You can use antiviral medication to prevent outbreaks and reduce the risk of transmission to others. The most common treatments are pills or creams, but some people need to go to the doctor for oral medications.

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