Top 6 Use Cases of a Client Portal

A client portal is a way of collecting digital files, services, and information and making it accessible over the Internet through a web browser. It not only helps the clients but also makes all the processes easy for you as a company. With a client portal everything is made transparent between all the clients, as well as between the team members working on that respective project. A WordPress client portal is one of the easiest ways to have all the clients on board in the literal sense. It helps with collaborations, accessibility, and communication between different clients.

To explore more, keep reading further to know the top 6 use cases of a client portal that can help your business grow and do wonders for your clients and your company.

  • File Sharing:

Client portals need to manage a huge repository of data, and some of this data needs to be shared with the client. So, it really becomes helpful if your portal has file sharing options. It is a really important feature for businesses working online. It should be made as easy as just by clicking on a single button; you can upload the files, properly structure them in a folder, or store them on a local hard drive.

This function eradicates the traditional way of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) method. And with the amount of data increasing day by day, processes take more time. So, you need to start investing in a safe and a well-organized place, so that it becomes easy for you to access those files easily

  • Project Collaboration:

It often becomes difficult for you to take feedback from all your stakeholders continuously. For that, you need to collaborate with your clients on projects that require software support to keep the same process in progress.

Client portal, for example, a WordPress client portal can store and view multiple files within the same platform. It tells you how much of the work is in progress and how much of it is left. This way, you can work on many areas of a single project or on multiple projects simultaneously. You also need to have a file request system, and a system to authenticate the users from using these files, and stopping them from misusing it or from getting it used by an unauthorized person.

  • Product Delivery:

Product delivery is always directed to the client, through the client portal. This helps you keep a track of the things that you share with your clients. It is way easier to have multiple sharing options, rather than making the process less efficient, by consuming more time. On a client portal, you can organize a private zone, where your inbox is not cluttered, and the processes are smooth and clear.

  • Task Management:

As client portals are hosted on a central platform, it becomes easy to manage the deadlines and complete the targets.  With different tools that a client portal has to provide, you can individually assign tasks, set deadlines to it, and update the progress within the schedule of the project.

You can prioritize the tasks based on their importance, so it makes the process easy to function. You can add colourful icons to make it look urgent, important, and ready to go. You can also assign a single task, subdivided among multiple members, and they can comment and keep the process updated. You can have a sliding scale that indicates the progress, so that it is easy to visualize the progress, rather than going inside each and every task and checking it.

  • Online Community:

For discussions, and collaborations between clients an online community is required. Here different stakeholders can discuss with each other on different topics and also have information regarding the complete project. This not only makes them informed and well known about the project, but also empowers them. A client portal is a central knowledge base, where clients can communicate and answer each other’s questions.

It brings clients, customers, partners, team members, all on a single platform to communicate. It provides a great platform for like minded people to discuss and gain expert advice on the same project.

Building an online community is easy with social media integration. It encourages everyone to participate and give their feedback in a conversational way. It also opens doors for different collaborations, discussions and debate that can strategize the future marketing goals. So, you can personalize your dashboard according to your own needs. This also keeps every stakeholder updated on the activities going on, and also helps with further planning.

  • Virtual Data Rooms:

Having a virtual data room helps provide a secure space for storing and distributing different documents. It is mostly used for money transactions so that the process becomes more versatile, and widespread.

It has its own secured and specialist management. It stores information on the clouds that can benefit from a virtual data room. It also helps store legal documents securely and adds different levels of security so that no document is misused or goes into the wrong hands.  As this portal has a history version to all the activities, where you can see which document was opened by whom and when, what all was downloaded, and other details as well.

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Just having a customer portal is not enough. You need to know its use cases so that it can help you with your business. Whether it is file sharing or project collaboration and delivery, you can expand your business if you start using these. Virtual data rooms are also of great help. You need to know the impact these can have on your business, so that all the tasks are completed on time. It also provides transparency to when and where a document was open. This not only improves security of the documents but it can also be made accessible to only authorised users. So that no files or documents are misused. Keep these top 6 causes in mind for a client portal to help yourself and your client.


A client portal is needed to collaborate with different clients through a single platform. It makes files and documents accessible, and also helps with customising  the content that each and every client needs. It also helps with better communication amongst different teams and clients. Keep reading further to know more about the top 6 use cases of client portal.

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