Why Do You Need Corflute Signage?

Corrugated polypropylene signs are a low-cost and efficient method of advertising your business. And corflute is fantastic for short-term signage, but it may also be used long-term if maintained properly! In addition to being inexpensive, the fact that they are lightweight, sturdy, and extremely weather-resistant is their best quality.

This plastic is a kind of polypropylene plastic that is corrugated. For example, you may have seen it used in political campaigns and by real estate agents to market local properties. When printed, the brilliant colours will shine out from a distance due to the material’s lightweight yet long-lasting nature, unlike when printed on paper, which can fade over time due to exposure to weather and sunlight.

In addition, because they are lighter than other signage elements, big metal poles are not required to support large signs off the floor, saving you money and improving the professional appearance of your business.

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic Signage

This material is a popular choice for signs due to the benefits it provides. Here are some of the advantages of utilising such plastic signage in Newcastle:

1.    Cost-Efficient

Fluted plastic is a cost-effective alternative to pricey substrates such as aluminium panels and colour-bond for a variety of sign applications. This affordable style of polypropylene signage is frugal and inexpensive, making it ideal for situations requiring bulk supplies.

2.    Simple Installation

Lightweight and portable, corrugated plastic may be used virtually anywhere and by anybody. Any flat surface can be used to attach it using tape, gluing, bolts, or nails. It’s easy to connect to the fence thanks to the metal eyelets on each corner.

3.    Customisable

Corrugated polypropylene is flexible for any space and may be cut into any form or size. These sheets are 2400 mm x 1200 mm and may be cut into various shapes and sizes. One may combine them during installation to create large signage.

4.    Diverse Usages

This type of material is utilised for a variety of short-term and long-term projects, including real estate signs, advertising signs, construction project signs, building project signs, conformity signs, carpenter site signage, construction site warning signs, private security firm signs, trade fairs display signs, safety and warning signs, and first aid signs.

5.    Excellent Print Quality

Corrugated plastic that has been digitally printed at a high resolution gives a highly visible and visually appealing sign option. There are no limitations on the colours you may use in your design, allowing you to present your brand in the greatest light possible. Rather than utilising vinyl stickers, the message is printed directly onto the substrate using a flatbed printer. This affordably creates a flawless print reproduction.

6. Durable  

Corflute is waterproof, and direct printing onto such material ensures that your message will seem flawless regardless of the weather. This type of corrugated polymer maintains ink well and begins to fade only after years of UV exposure. The fluted plastic board is highly durable, as it cannot be torn by hand and can withstand significant impact.

There is a full range of corrugated polypropylene signs, such as construction sites using fluted plastic safety signs to alert workers of potential safety hazards, real estate offices displaying images of the houses they are selling, candidates using political election signs for the elections they will be attending, and corporations promoting their products or services to prospective customers with corrugated plastic business signs.

Corflute sheets are compatible with both digital printing and screen printing. UV printing technology allows signs made from this material to last up to 24 months outside and has no time restriction for inside use. Moreover, die-cut-to-shape is available as an additional service to satisfy needs.

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