5 Diamonds Jewellery Essentials 2022

Diamonds are a timeless addition to your jewellery wardrobe. They are elegant and can elevate any outfit, irrespective of style.

Moreover, they are designed to last. Whether you are buying them to celebrate an occasion or for regular use, your diamonds will always sparkle.

If you invest in diamonds, you might be looking for design inspiration. Be it diamond pendantsor a simple ring, they are some of the most versatile pieces you can hope for.

Read ahead for a guide to the five must-haves in your diamond collection this year.

2022 Diamond Essentials

Buying diamonds is not just about fashion. They are precious stones and hence are lifelong investments.

While their intricate designs might capture your heart, they are expensive and must be bought carefully. The price of every diamond depends on the 4 Cs– carat, cut, colour, and clarity.

Note: Always ask for a diamond certificate from gemological institutes like GIA from your store or website to ensure purity.

Starting your diamond collection can be an exciting prospect. Here are five diamond staples that can level up your everyday outfits.

1.     Classic Tennis Necklace

The cornerstone of every jewellery collection, a classic diamond tennis necklace is as timeless as it gets.

You can pair this piece with practically anything. It will go well with any power suit for a professional outfit. On the other hand, you can pair it with an elegant gown for an effortless night-time look. 

2.     Dainty Diamond Pendants

A dainty pendant on a simple gold chain is the perfect little addition to your everyday jewellery. They are subtle but tasteful and will add to your outfits without taking attention away from them.

You can find diamond pendants in a variety of styles. You can go small and subtle with a classic solitaire or choose something a little bigger with a halo or a cluster pendant. If you are looking for a more contemporary design, you can opt for a moon and stars design or a small heart.

While clear diamonds are the more conventional style, you can find diamonds in almost every hue imaginable. If another colour goes well with most of your outfits, feel free to experiment and find the necklace.

3.     Personalised Piece

Instead of looking for a pre-made piece, invest in bespoke jewellery. It could be a personalised diamond pendant with a beautiful motif or an initial of your choice.

If you think a pendant is a common choice, go with something unique, like earrings, rings, or bracelets. This way, you will have something truly one of a kind that you can don every day. 

Personalised diamond pieces also make for a great gift to loved ones. So, unleash your creative side and express yourself through your jewellery.

4.     Stackable Rings

This trend is most definitely a contemporary influence, but you ought to love it. Stackable rings are the perfect accessory to add bling to a neutral or monochrome outfit.

What’s more?

You can curate the rings you add to make the stacks more meaningful and personal.

5.     Statement Piece

A statement piece has to be the showstopper of your jewellery wardrobe. However, you are wrong if you think it always has to be a heavy, studded necklace.

Bold jewellery catches eyeballs irrespective of where it is worn. So, do not be afraid to try something different. Invest in a bold ring or a delicate, studded bracelet.

Wrapping Up

Diamonds are always exceptional, whether you buy them for yourself or as a gift. They are a symbol of eternal love, and rightfully so because they last forever. You will be able to pass on your diamond pendant and rings for future generations to love. So, start your timeless collection today.

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