How to Push Notifications on Facebook?

Push notifications on Facebook are the alarms you get when your telephone is locked or when you’re not effectively browsing Facebook. Think of a Facebook push notification as a ready that pushes through the shut app to make you mindful of any Facebook exercises that might interest you.

Push notifications are useful if you would rather not miss a remark, message, livestream, or anything else on Facebook. If You are interested to learn about Facebook Touch then click this link.

Facebook Notification On or Off

To ensure that Facebook pushes just the notifications you need to get, explore to Notifications Settings, and change the Push setting for every notification.

  • Sign in to Facebook on an internet browser or the Facebook portable app.
  • Select the down bolt in the upper-right corner on Tap the three lines in the lower-right corner on the versatile app.
  • Now Go to  Settings and then Privacy on Facebook app.
  • Select Notifications in the left sheet on On the versatile app, look down to Notifications and select Notification Settings.
  • Under What Notifications You Receive, you’ll see the different Facebook notifications you can get. Select a notification to change its Push setting.
  • Set the setting to push the notifications On or Off.

You can push the following Facebook notifications:

  • Remarks: Notifies you of remarks and answers to your posts and remarks.
  • Labels: Notifies you when somebody labels you in a post or remark.
  • Reminders: Reminds you of any Facebook refreshes that you might have disregarded.
  • Greater Activity About You: Notifies you when somebody posts to your timeline, when individuals like your posts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Refreshes from Friends: Notifies you when companions update their statuses or post pictures.
  • Companion Requests: Let’s you know when somebody sends you a companion demand or acknowledges your companion demand.
  • Individuals You May Know: Suggests individuals you might be interested in friending on Facebook, in light of your ongoing Facebook companions and their companions.
  • Birthday celebrations: Notifies you when a companion has a birthday.
  • Gatherings: Notifies you when individuals post in the different gatherings you are in.

Turn On or Off Facebook Notifications on Your Browser

Assuming you use Firefox or Google Chrome, you can set Facebook to push notifications to your program, or not.

  • On, explore to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Notifications > How You Get Notifications > Browser.
  • Turn the program’s Push Notifications setting to the On or Off position, or select Mute Notifications to switch off Facebook push notifications on the program.

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Turn On or Off Facebook Notifications on the Android

  • To change your notification settings on the Facebook Android app:
  • Go to  the Menu in the lower-right hand side of the screen.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Settings.
  • Pick Notifications under the Preferences heading.
  • To quiet your Facebook push notifications, turn the Mute Push Notifications change to On. To continue receiving notifications, keep the setting Off.
  • At the point when you quiet push notifications, a screen shows with time increments from 15 minutes to 8 hours. Select a measure of time to quiet Facebook push notifications from on portable app.
  • In any case, under What Notifications You Receive, select explicit things to individually control their alarms.
  • At the point when you pick a heading, you can pick which kinds of notifications you’ll get, if any. You can utilize any combination of texts, messages, and cautions from the app, or you can switch them generally off for that alarm type.

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