3 Important Books About Streaming Platforms You Should Read

Nowadays, Streaming platforms are becoming very popular around the world. People’s average watch time on such platforms has also increased significantly. Entertainment, news, learning, sports, etc are now not limited to a specific section. Thanks to streaming platforms, their scope has got widened.

We know the names of a lot of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Vimeo, Hulu, 9anime app, Dinney+, Sony LIV, etc. They have brought a big change around us. They have abolished the barriers of time and place. These platforms have ushered in a revolution by mixing technology and utility. To learn more about streaming platforms, you can read these three books which have been discussed below.

‘The Technology Of Video And Audio Streaming’

Author- David Austerberry

Book Description:

The book shows how broadcasters, web developers, and streaming media systems can engage technology. It covers different areas, from video and audio capture to the consumer’s media player.

The book includes internet basics and provides complete coverage of telecommunication and networks. Compression standards and formats of audio and video have been discussed in this book. It takes you through the streaming process. In-depth encoding of audio and video has been covered very elaboratively.

Subjects like the use of media servers, live webcasting, and how the consumer’s media player displays the stream have been covered by the author. In the associated technology section, the book shows how your revenue sources can be protected with proper management of digital rights. The book also gives examples of successful streaming platforms.

‘Streaming Culture: Subscription Platforms And The Unending Consumption Of Culture’

Author- David Arditi


The book very proficiently shows the proliferation of video-streaming sites in our daily lives. It also contains changes in the viewing habits of the audience. Here there is an exploration of how streaming platforms have caused a disruption in media.

The author of the book also shows how the emergence of streaming platforms has set up streaming-led capitalism. The media industry has been reshaped. The music chapter highlights the music’s journey process from CD to Napster to iTunes. The chapter involving streaming films tells us about the journey of Netflix in the context of the subscription model.

The author makes the readers familiar with streaming video games. He takes them on a journey from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the modern online gaming culture. It is an ideal book to explore the significant growth of streaming platforms.

‘Streaming Systems’

Author – Tyler Akidau, Reuven Lax, Slava Chernyak,


The book gives you a proper idea from the introductory level to how the processed real-time data streams. These days data streaming is an important thing. This book has complete guidelines about it.

You will find the main principles and concepts behind robust out-of-order data processing here. It also shows how correctness is ensured by data processing techniques. The concept of streaming and batch data processing has been discussed. This book will also help you to explore how watermarks track progress.


We know how these streaming sites are providing good services for all weeks in a year. In the conclusion, It can be said that these three books are very useful to understand all the important facts about streaming services and platforms. These books also display how these platforms have transformed conventional things.

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