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The Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs, Inc. chain is a franchise with more than 550 locations worldwide. It offers pizza and calzone-style subs, chicken wings, salads, and brownies. Their pizzas and subs are made with premium ingredients and are topped with homemade sauces.

Menu options

The menu at Hungry Howie’s Pizza includes a variety of pizzas and other dishes. Unfortunately, many of these foods are loaded with saturated fats, sodium, and calories. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overeating at Hungry Howie’s and make smarter choices on your next visit.

Hungry Howie’s pizza specializes in large pizzas, but its menu also features calzones, chicken wings, breads, and salads. Its slogan “The Flavored Crust Pizza” refers to its unique flavor combinations. The chain opened its first location in Taylor, Michigan, in 1973, and has grown to more than 575 locations across the United States.

The pizzas at Hungry Howie’s are customizable and are topped with a range of toppings. For example, if you don’t like cheese, you can choose an oozing pizza made with a sweet BBQ sauce. You can also choose a vegetarian pizza or a gluten-free crust.


When you want a delicious slice of pizza but are on a budget, Hungry Howie’s is a good option. Hungry Howie’s offers a wide variety of pizzas, and it offers delivery services, too. Customers report that prices are reasonable and the service is decent. However, Google users haven’t given it the best rating.

Prices at Hungry Howie’s vary depending on the ingredients and toppings you choose. However, you should be aware that a large pizza can cost around $5. Nonetheless, customers have been coming back to try the wide variety of other items on their menu. Besides pizza, they also have salads, wings, and sandwiches.

When it comes to prices at Hungry Howie’s, they are comparable to other local pizza joints. Most of the menu items cost around five dollars, and you can add up to five dollars more if you want more toppings. You can also use a coupon to get a discount on a larger pizza at Hungry Howie’s.


If you’re in the mood for pizza, subs, or salads, Hungry Howie’s is the place to go. With three convenient Myrtle Beach locations and delivery to vacation rentals, you’ll be able to get your favorite food, even late into the night. In addition to their famous pizza, Hungry Howie’s also serves subs, fresh salads, pasta, and drinks.

Since 1973, Hungry Howie’s Pizza has grown from a single location in Michigan to over 550 locations throughout the United States. Its original restaurant opened in Taylor, Michigan, near Detroit. The owners, James Hearn and Steve Jackson, later partnered to launch a franchise operation. In 1983, Hungry Howie’s received its first franchise.

Hungry Howie’s offers a variety of sizes and styles of pizza. It offers 16 and 8-inch slices, and you can choose between thin crust or deep-dish crust. Additionally, it offers eight sub options and four breadstick types. You can even get a salad in either a regular or large size.

Locations in New York

Located in many New York cities, hungry Howie’s pizza locations are a classic counter-serve pizzeria. They are a popular chain known for their flavored crusts. They have flavored varieties like sesame and garlic herb. They also have a large selection of toppings.

Hungry Howie’s began in New York City in 1995 and soon expanded into other major cities. They first focused on stand-alone locations, but later expanded into co-branding. By 1997, the company had two Burger King projects under construction and was negotiating an outdoor concession at the Meadow Brook concert venue. In addition, they introduced a new hot sandwich.

While Little Caesars and Domino’s had already sold much of their prime territory, Hungry Howie’s had plenty of space to expand into new markets. The company also sells multiple-unit franchises, which group together units within a market.

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