Why server space must be your concern for web hosting?

When you set on a journey to start your own business and set up your existence online, there are a lot of critical decisions you have to make. Some of the initial choices include the choice of the right domain and hosting for the website.

Furthermore, when you have decided on the domain name, you will have to choose the best reliable hosting provider for your website. The choice of web hosting in Pakistan includes determining the storage server space, pricing, customer support, domain name, viability, bandwidth, switchability, hosting type, and much more. Here, we shall delve deep into the crucial decision of disk space for a website.

Why is disk space essential to consider?

Disk space is one of the critical factors to be considered when you decide on a hosting package. It refers to the space your hosting provider allocates to you on a server to store your website data. When you buy web hosting from a reputable hosting provider, the allotted space is utilized for images, flash files, videos, audios, HTML files, databases, email accounts, software, raw access logs, etc.

Indeed, some files occupy more space than the other files. For example, the text files do not occupy much space, whereas flash and image files take up most server space

The disk space sufficient for website hosting can only be determined by complying with the website’s needs. For your understanding, a new website or blog does not need much space as they have minimal data to be stored and shared over the server.

On the contrary, well-developed websites such as high-end dynamic sites such as ecommerce websites have higher demands for disk space. 

Notably, disk space and bandwidth are often confused with each other. However, bandwidth is a different feature that determines the extent of transferable data from the server to the users every month. Hence, the server disk space elements call for keen accountability of the website needs for the best suitable choice of web hosting in Pakistan

What do you need the space server for?

As mentioned above, you must be wary of the disk space offered in your chosen hosting package is a critical factor to be considered. Therefore, while reaching out to the top hosting companies in Pakistan, Navicosoft, to serve you with the best hosting packages, you must know you would need the server space for the following features. 


Setting up your web hosting agency needs to amass the site framework into codes such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc., that take up significant space over the server. 

Script & Plugins

To ensure the seamless functionality of your website, you need to install various plugins, applications, and scripts. You may also need to consider your server space to get the tools for analytics, performance optimization, ad displays, etc. 

Content management system (CMS)

These days, setting up a website without a content management system is not wise. Hence, getting CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal will also require sufficient server space.


Indeed, all that a website is ranked for is its content. Contrary to the general perception, the website content includes images, videos, and other media. Ultimately, a website’s content takes up the most space on the server that hosts the website. 

How can you calculate your website needs?

Once you have acknowledged the importance of having an estimate for your website needs, the next step is to conduct the analysis. If you have set up your website already and have your files and folders archived on the hard disk, you can quickly get an idea of the server space required for your website.

Then, you need to go to your local disk, fetch the folder containing all your files, and get to the properties. Hence, you will get the stats for the space occupied, and you can make an educated estimate. Furthermore, after having the stats, you must also consider the backend features, email storage files, database software, and room for growth. 

In short, as you plan to incorporate more software or application, you would need more disk space. Furthermore, these applications vary in size; therefore, you must be clear about your choice regarding applications. So, again, here are a few tips to better understand the server space you would need for your website to function smoothly and seamlessly. 

1. The average page size of the website

You must design a web page in line with your expected website pages. Hence, you can estimate the disk space occupied by an average page. However, you must ensure that you include the pages having the web apps in your estimate for better insights. 

2. Number of web pages     

If you plan to set up your blog, the drill won’t be challenging for you. Instead, you can easily count the number of web pages on your fingers. Notably, even if you have an eCommerce store, you can easily measure the web page number via a site map. Then, having an idea of the product types on your website, you can quickly analyze the products presented on each page. But, on the contrary, the analysis of a large volume website may take a toll on your nerves. 

3. Number of monthly visitors

The frequency of the visitors viewing, changing, accessing, uploading, or downloading from your webpage will directly impact your decision. Furthermore, the number of pages visited is also an essential factor. 

Indeed, considering all the factors helps you have a knowledgeable estimate of the disk space you would need for your website. Hence, you can get the best suitable package from the top hosting companies in Pakistan that ensure your website’s optimum performance.Choosing the right hosting package with the right features guarantees your growth. Getting the server space that suffices your website needs is vital to your business development. 

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