The Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

Presently, there is an increasing trend of mobile phones as people become more dependent on gadgets. So to fulfil people’s choices, many manufacturers are coming into the market with new models, from low-cost to the most expensive ones in the world.

There are some reasons for which people prefer expensive mobiles. One reason might be a personal obsession; that’s why some wealthy people spend billions. For this sake and as a sign of their social status, they collect many expensive things like aeroplanes, helicopters, cars, mobiles, etc. Another reason might be that costly mobiles have more features and better specifications than cheaper ones, inspiring people to buy them. They believe expensive smartphones are worth it when people want to keep that phone for a long time. Other people want to purchase costly mobiles because they want their friends to see the brand new gadgets.

Below we mention some of the most expensive smartphones in the world.

Gold Plated iPhone 4s Elite

The iPhone 4s Elite gold is the most expensive luxury phone with a price of $9.4, manufactured by Apple and designed by Stuart Hughes. The phone contains 500 diamonds of over 100 carats. At the same time, 24- carat gold covers the rear panel and the Apple logo, besides 53 more diamonds around the area.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

This phone is the customised model of the iPhone 6 and the most expensive luxury phone globally. US luxury brand Falcon designs it. The Falcon supernova iPhone 6 comprises gemstones fitted with 24-carat gold with a platinum case. Its latest model is pink. Before that it had three different Colours. Nita Ambani, wife of Ambani, has this smartphone.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

JSC Ancort manufactures this phone, and the powerful encryption technology makes this phone different from others. This phone consists of 50 diamonds, from them ten diamonds are blue. As far as design is concerned, this smartphone is designed with solid platinum and rose gold logos. The navigation key consists of rose gold. It is based on CE windows and is worth $ 1.3 million.

Goldvish le Million

Goldvish Le million is most likely one of the costly gadgets manufactured by Swiss premium luxury mobile phones. As the most expensive phone, this phone maintains popularity around the globe. Its unique shape makes it look attractive. It constitutes 18 karats of white gold and has 120 carats of VVS-1 diamonds. It comes with 2Gb of internal memory and a 2-megapixel camera.

iPhone 3G King Button

The iPhone takes another big step on its way to absolute praise. This phone is the creation of Australian jeweller Peter Alisson, manufactured by Apple in the United States, and cost $2.5 million. You might consider this phone a true jewel as it consists of 18 karats of yellow, white, and rose gold. In addition, there are 138 brilliant-cut diamonds on the white gold strip, and on the start button, there are 6.6-carat diamonds.

Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

The black diamond VIPN smartphone has a vintage look compared to other expensive and luxurious smartphones. Sony Ericsson manufactured it and made it available through the company VPN, and it costs $300k. The phone has a gold and gemstone cover with an expensive black diamond. In addition, it has an OLED display, 4-megapixel camera, 128 MB internal memory, and a touch screen user interface. This phone promotes the reputation of the elegant farmer era of smartphones.

Caviar iPhone 11 pro-Max Diamond Christmas Star

Apple manufactures the caviar iPhone 11 pro-Max Diamond Christmas star in the United States, and it around costs $ 137k. It has 6.5 inches OLED, Super Retina XDR, HDR display, triple 12 MP ultra-wide, A13 Bionic chip, IOS 13, etc. This phone has a 3-carat bright diamond at the back and middle of the phone. The central theme of this phone structure represents the star of Bethlehem guiding Jesus christ. It looks sophisticated, and its whole back part is encrusted with gold. The frame is ended with diamonds and gold encrust.

Above are the world’s most expensive phones, introducing a whole new dimension of luxury. Only rich people can afford these smartphones. These phones add a more elegant prominence to their usage. These are some of the most expensive smartphones in the world, for the discerning tech lovers.

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