Detailed Analysis of Android 12 Features

After waiting for what has felt like an age, android 12 has now arrived. Android 12 is a unique operating system having a lot of valuable features.

Let’s dive into these dynamic features.

One Hand Mode Smartphones

As the name indicates, you can control your larger smartphones with one hand. It is a portable feature that allows you to navigate your device by only using the lower half of the screen. It is 

  •  User friendly and easy to use.
  •  You cannot access the one-handed mode unless you’re not using gesture navigation.

Quick Tap 

This new feature lets you double-tap the back of your pixel to do things like activating the flashlight, starting the google assistant, and taking screenshots.

Powerful Privacy

There are a respectable amount of privacy controls here. You have a lot more power in your hands, so first of all

  •  These indicators are added to the top corner when an app is accessing your camera or microphone. They’re both green, and they’re in the top right corner. 
  • That gives you a bird’s-eye view of permissions usage. So you can always check which apps are accessing your information and how frequently. For example, if you don’t want anyone to access your microphone or camera for some time, it has built new toggles which are just as straightforward as they sound. Toggle them off, and nothing on your phone will be able to access your microphone or camera.
  •  While the mic and camera are susceptible, so is location. So you should be able to control whether an app gets to see exactly where you are or needs a broader view. New location permissions in Android 12 do just that. 

Emergency SOS

One of the most important new features for personal safety and peace of mind is the emergency SOS feature. This allows you to press the power button quickly five times or more to have your device emit a loud sound and then a countdown alarm before calling people like the emergency services or a number of your choosing. How it works 

  •  It will quickly send your location and smartphones the emergency service (e.g., 911)
  •  This will call for help if you cannot communicate and if you wish to record the emergency video. The video will automatically be recorded if an SOS emergency is activated and will share with your emergency contacts.

Scrolling Screenshot

Usually, when you want to take a screenshot of long web pages or long documents, you’d have to take several screenshots to assemble all your required information. Android 13 saves you from this inconvenience with super long screenshots. It can automatically join the screenshots based on your need, like capturing a long document. Hence, a single long screenshot includes what you see at the moment and everything that’s below it. Moreover 

  •  You can access the markup tool, which is already in android 12
  •  You can design a screenshot with emojis, add texts over it or crop it as your requirement.

Face Control Auto-Rotate 

Auto-rotate has been given a significant boost in android 12 with the ability to activate rotation. This feature uses a selfie camera to orientate your phone. In addition, built-in software can see your face position and adjust your phone accordingly.

Wallpaper-Based Dynamic Theming

One of the unique features of smartphones Android 12 is Material You. This can take the colors from the wallpaper and use them throughout the UI and system accents for theming purposes. The colors are also applied to apps modified to support the theming engine, enhancing the overall experience.

A simple wallpaper change will be sufficient to give everything a new look.

Other New Features Smartphones

  • App search: App search is a new feature that is quite useful. It allows you to look for things within apps.
  • Game Mode APIs: Android 12 offers new Game Mode APIs for game developers. Developers can now integrate variable performance functions in their code for easy optimisation.
  •  Picture in picture: It allows the user to watch a video in a small window at the corner of the screen. This means that background playback does not affect anything you’re doing on your smartphone.
  • Direct share: When you drag and drop photos from Instagram, Chrome, or other apps, a list of your recommended contacts will appear at the bottom, allowing for quick and easy sharing. As a result, the entire process of sharing information becomes more simplified and convenient.

This is an in-depth examination of Android 12’s new features. Everything you need to know about the new features of this Google’s latest Operating System.

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