Assistance Programs for the Elderly Offer Vital Phone Services

Free phone services

As your parents and other senior loved ones get older, they are faced with many challenges.  Changes in their health, living situations, physical and social activities, and routine daily living are often affected by the aging process.  To help make life easier for seniors as well as people with disabilities, the Federal Government provides programs to help with food, medical expenses, home health assistance, and technology.  Through these programs, many companies and businesses offer free phone service for those who are on some type of government program, like Supplemental Security Income, Snap Food Stamp, Medicaid, and more.  These and other services are available in all states, like the Lifeline phone program Oklahoma-located.

Eligibility required for free talk

Free phone services are vital to those who can not afford to pay the cost of regular phone service. The services include free data, talk, and text.  Some people are still not technology-literate.  They can talk on the phone, but can not text because the letters on the phone are much smaller than the fingers, or they are just not familiar with the technique.  After much trial and error, many learn the art of texting.  Since the free phone service is a government aid program, there are eligibility requirements.

Getting Lifeline Assistance

The lifeline assistance program was established to help Americans with low incomes have a dependable, modern, up-to-date phone free of charge. In today’s society, everyone needs a cell phone, especially senior citizens who are aging in place.  The eligibility requirements are simple, and the process only takes a short period of time.  This is a great service for the elderly and their family members. They can have better peace of mind knowing that their loved one can reach them in the case of an emergency.

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