Why You Should Wait to Get a Cover-Up Tattoo

Your motives for getting a tattoo were important. But today, you’re feeling differently about art. You’re thinking about getting a cover-up tattoo, but you shouldn’t make the decision too quickly. Before you make an appointment with the tattooist, there are a few reasons you might want to wait and think about it. But first, you need to understand how these tattoos work. Keep reading to learn why you might have regrets.

How Does A Cover-Up Tattoo Work?

The purpose of a cover-up tattoo is to cover an unwanted tattoo with a new one. Sometimes the previous tattoo was poorly applied. Maybe the owner has fallen out of love with its design or the artwork has faded over time. Either way, the process for applying the cover-up tattoo is similar to what happened before. Ink will be applied through the dermis of the skin. Only now, the ink will be placed overtop the ink already applied.

Cover-up tattoos, while helpful, have their disadvantages. Unlike laser removal, cover-up tattoos don’t erase the original work. Depending on the skill level of the tattooist, you can still see colors or shading from the original design. Your only option at this point would be laser removal, which would erase many hours of work, and all while costing you hundreds of dollars. A cover-up tattoo is a good idea, but only when you’re reflecting on the process. Rushing forward with a cover-up tattoo will lead you to regrets should you change your mind later.

Why You Might Not Be Ready for a Cover-Up Tattoo

A cover-up tattoo is a procedure that takes time and commitment. On one hand, you can safely tell your tattooist to end the work. However, leaving a session midway will leave you with an incomplete tattoo. To avoid costing yourself the additional hassle, make sure you get your decision right. Here’s why waiting to get a cover-up tattoo just might be a good idea after all.

You Still Enjoy Your Old Tattoo

A week from now, seeing your tattoo might make you stop and think twice. Especially after you’ve endured a challenging experience. Often, people turn to their most valued possessions when they need to cope. Because it’s what people care about the most that keeps them comfortable when they’re distressed. Being that your tattoo is now part of your skin, avoid getting a cover-up tattoo for now if you believe its existence may one day serve you. Think of the reasons you got a tattoo the first time. Since then, have you thought about getting it covered up and changed your mind? Unless you have a detailed reason, you don’t need to rush to a tattooist today. Take one more day at least to enjoy the work. 

A Cover-Up Tattoo Might Be More Expensive

You can find a tattoo artist who will charge you $50 an hour, sometimes lower, depending on the locations that you’re browsing. Most will charge up to $125 an hour and more. The most experienced and celebrity tattoos can charge close to $500 an hour. But if your tattoo is smaller, you may still be required to meet the company’s minimum purchase requirement. So, a small tattoo can actually cost you more, since it wouldn’t take long to complete. Plus, you’d have to meet the minimum payment as well, which would ultimately cost you extra. At the very least, a cover-up tattoo is an additional expense you might not be ready for . You might be better off choosing laser removal for smaller works. That way, you’re confident you can remove the tattoo for certain.

A Cover-Up Tattoo Might Be More Painful

Among other types of equipment, a tattooist will use stencil products, tubes, ink, and needles. It’s the needle that’s inserting the ink deep into your skin’s dermis, a painful procedure that feels like you’re being stung by a bee. In some cases, covering up the original tattoo could require more ink. Such a problem increases the amount of time you spend getting a tattoo. Of course, the longer the needle is being run across your skin, the greater the pain you’ll feel as the artist works. Unless you want another tattoo, you might be better off with a quicker, and less painful, laser removal procedure. But even then, that’s only if you know what you’re doing.

The question, “How does a cover up tattoo work” might have come to mind. Especially if you’re unsatisfied with your previous work. I some cases, getting a cover-up tattoo might be a good idea. If you’re worried about pain, money, or last-minute regrets, it’s not. If you look at your tattoo and remember why you got it, you might think twice. Believe it or not, there are reasons not to get a cover-up tattoo. Several of them are worth your consideration.

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