3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Traxxas RC Car

With it being around Christmas, it’s time to focus on what would be a cool present for the kids. However, when it comes to Traxxas, adults should take notice as these cars are super cool for everyone.

The spec on a Traxxas RC car makes them pocket rockets that are a LOT of fun to control (or at the start at least try!)

Traxxas has developed their own patented machinery to make these the Ferrari of the RC market. 

This article will look at three reasons for getting a Traxxas car, but we could discuss many more.

However, let’s focus on the kids at this point, as due to the level at which these machines operate, unbeknown to many, they can provide valuable skills for kids as they grow. So, as you’ll soon find out, there are benefits to RC cars at this level more than just having a whole lotta fun!

So why a Remote Control Car?

Many parents out there will be thinking, HANG ON! Remote control cars were around when I was a teenager and before. Haven’t they gone out of fashion? Surely a PS5 or an X-Box is what it’s all about these days, right?

No. Interactive toys are nothing new; however, a loyal and solid fan base is still growing, with more clubs and local, statewide and international tournaments growing year after year.

Many of these things have evolved continually but have not been mainstream media as new technologies like PlayStation and x-Box have taken the headlines. 

RC cars are extremely popular, and with new drone technology, so are RC aeroplanes making a comeback in popularity. Some forms are for hobbyists, but many are for competition. Remember, some people want to get out and not sit in front of a TV all-day on a games console.

Traxxas has made ranges that suit beginners to pro level, each production line offering different variants for different conditions and terrains, so they’re suitable regardless of where you live. 

The beautiful things about using a Traxxas are you don’t need water, a lake or pond that you need permission to use, or suitable airspace, so you don’t crash into a house or get stuck in a tree. All you need is ground on any terrain; these magic machines can handle it. 

With them being RC, they are suitable at very young ages upwards.

3 Reasons why you Should Consider Getting a Traxxas RC Car

With the exponential increase in children addicted to video games, children and young adult interaction in Western countries has dropped. Therefore looking at the bigger picture is essential with buying a Traxxas; there are more benefits than just racing a car. 

1. Getting Outside!

For a start, when you’re having fun, interaction comes naturally. RC cars are still a great way of getting kids outdoors and interacting with each other in ways that a games console can’t do. 

The best way to initially start the process is to introduce a Traxxas and go out with them and work it out. 

With things like the Traxxas Stability Management TSM®, you haveasystem for acceleration and extreme power but ultimate control on the most rugged or slippery surfaces, even ice and snow. No matter where you live, these things are operational. Although ice and snow don’t apply to too much of Australia still, it’s good to know you can still drive if there is. 

But the fun part is that once you and your child learn to control a Traxxas with TSM, you can switch it off and see how you go without it. It’s like flying a plane and switching off auto-pilot; it’s a lot of fun and good to learn together.

The best way to foster an ongoing interest in RC cars and the outdoors is to carry on with it and keep participating. With changes in family behavioural patterns at home, which various new technologies have caused, it is healthy to remember that not all family interaction has to occur at the dinner table. With Netflix, the internet and game consoles, even that doesn’t happen as often as it should. 

A Traxxas gives you another option to spend quality time together. 

2. Teaching Care & Responsibility

Traxxas has designed their machines to deal with different terrains, be robust, and give the owner longevity and a lot of fun along the way. 

But as this is a premium set of kit, this gives a child the opportunity to understand the spec, what it does and how to take care of it, like they would a bigger machine. 

  • Batteries need care not to misuse them
  • The wiring will need to be checked from time to time
  • Ensuring after a bump, the airflow to the engine is still regular
  • Plus, much more…

Taking care of something more than just a toy is a good learning curve and should hopefully garner more interest in how the mechanics of these pocket rockets actually work. It can only be a good curiosity.

3. It’s Developmentally Beneficial

As well as benefits for social interaction and family time, physiological benefits are to be had with outdoor activities like this.

The benefits a child or young adult will get from visual-motor coordination are not to be overlooked. These lightning-fast machines take a significant amount of skill to race competitively. 

As with computers and video games, once you start, most children and adults will develop a competitive streak and continually seek to improve and reach different goals. 

The ability to coordinate and adjust visual information into motor control and output heighten many senses.

Visual perception is heightened immediately, and a child’s ability to recognise and quickly adjust, recall, and remember actions are different when applied physically, unlike with a video game.   

RC play at all levels also heightens spacial awareness, unlike the computerised version. It allows a young person to process cause-and-effect and terrain and make necessary physical space and time adjustments. 


The RC market is going strong, with Traxxas at the forefront of patenting and evolution. Their fasted model, the XO-1, is the fastest RC in the world. 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds and a top speed of OVER 100 mph show an RC world out there waiting for you. If you want to get involved more than just in the back garden or the street, check out organisations like Remote Control Racing Australia. They have clubs and memberships all over Australia and have regular events. This is Australia, after all, and Aussies should be outdoors, so grab a Traxxas and have some fun!

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