5 Best Credit Cards With Crypto Rewards

In the last ten years, many more people have started using cryptocurrencies. Over time, more people have started using virtual currencies as a standard way to pay. They are so popular that some credit cards offer rewards in different cryptocurrencies.

How cryptocurrency credit cards work is similar to how rewards credit cards work. The only important difference is that you’ll get bitcoin instead of cash back, points, or miles for your everyday purchases. Different cards give different amounts of rewards and different kinds of digital currency. If you’re thinking about how to Trade Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you should check a reliable trading platform.

Buying things with your credit card and getting cryptocurrency back is a low-risk way to build up your stash. Here are some crypto-based credit cards that will give you rewards no matter what currency you use.

1. Gemini sells credit cards

Gemini is a credit card that could be a good choice for people who want cryptocurrency rewards. Using the card to buy things in foreign currencies or on an annual basis doesn’t cost anything. 

It also gives you points for everything you buy, but the number of points you get depends on how you usually spend your money. Gemini now works with more than 60 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which can be used right away to get rewards.

Also, new and old cards can get a limited edition NFT if they spend a total of $1,500 on eligible purchases, sign up for a Nifty Gateway account, and link that account to their Gemini account by December 16.

Any place that takes Mastercard is a place where you can use your Gemini credit card. Anyone in any of the 50 states can get a Gemini credit card. You can also get stylish metal cards in black, silver, or rose gold. Just be sure to send your payment on time because the interest rate for late payments is a whopping 32.24%.

2. A BlockFi rewards card

You can get rewards with the BlockFi Rewards Card, another great thing. There are no annual fees or fees for using this credit card outside of the country where it was issued. It has a lot of rewards that can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 15 other cryptocurrencies.

The BlockFi Visa Signature credit card comes with several extra benefits, such as up to 10% cash back at thousands of restaurants and retail brands, access to luxury hotels, shopping, fine food and wine, sports events, and more, all of which are provided by Visa.

3. SoFi credit cards

You can not only earn points with the SoFi credit card, but you can also turn these points into bitcoin and have it sent to your SoFi Active Invest account. If you want to save money, make investments, or pay down your debt, you might want to get a SoFi credit card. There are no annual fees or costs for international transactions, but there is a fee for every bitcoin transaction that isn’t a rewards redemption. This is how most credit cards that use crypto work.

The card gives you two points for every dollar you spend, which is the same as getting 2% cash back on any purchase that qualifies. When you work with SoFi, you can use your points to pay off a loan, save money, or make an investment. If you also choose to get your money through direct deposit, this bonus could go up to 3%. You can also get a credit on your bill by using your rewards, but you’ll only get 1% of the original reward.

4. Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card

When you use the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards card to pay for something, you will get 1.5% cash back in Bitcoin. This reward doesn’t have to be worth a set amount of money. Upgrade sometimes gives people with cards extra benefits. For example, you could get a $200 bonus if you open a Rewards Checking account and use it to make three debit purchases. Cardholders can get credit lines anywhere from $500 to $25,000.

When Sell steam your cryptocurrency, you will have to pay a 1.5% transaction fee and can only get the money as a credit to your account. Getting an Upgrade card or using it in another country doesn’t cost anything. It has extra benefits that come with Visa, just like BlockFi.

5.  The Brex Credit Card

The Brex card is another credit card that gives bitcoin rewards and doesn’t charge an annual fee. It was made with new businesses in mind. You can trade your Brex points for Bitcoin and Ethereum for $7 per 1,000 Brex points. You can also trade them for cash, travel, gift cards, or a credit on your account statement. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with as many points as you want. People using the Brex Credit Card don’t have to pay yearly fees.

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