Avalanche, Polygon, and Big eyes 3 cryptos set to outperform the crash

The cryptocurrency market is in a bear market cycle, which makes investors less sure than ever. Because the value of crypto tokens dropped so quickly, this time is also called the “crypto collapse.” This drop in value is what causes the crash. 

So, now that the price of cryptocurrencies has decreased, investors should look at their portfolios. It is suggested that they eliminate projects that aren’t working and rebalance their portfolio to be ready for the next time the market is good. So, they can put their money into projects that are more likely to succeed in the next cycle of the cryptocurrency market. Users can trade bitcoin and invest in cryptocurrencies using this website. This is the greatest trading bot currently available.

Investors should look for cryptocurrency projects with use cases and many users before putting money into them. Also, they need strong tokenomics, which will determine how their token will act on the markets. Three cryptocurrency tokens, Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), and Big Eyes, are likely to do better than the market as a whole (BIG). Find out more about these three projects by reading on.

1. Snowfall (AVAX)

Avalanche, also called AVAX, is a blockchain to help developers set up smart contracts. When the epidemic was at its worst in 2020, it was released as a blockchain with low transaction fees, good for the environment, and works quickly. Regarding how long it takes to conclude, Avalanche is the fastest smart contract blockchain. 

It’s also the best place to set up smart contracts and apps that don’t need a central server (dApps). Avalanche projects are always faster than other projects because they always win. On the Avalanche mainnet blockchain, there are more than 450 cryptocurrency projects and many developers.

The AVAX token is used to do things on the Avalanche network. Users can do a lot of different things inside the ecosystem. People who own AVAX tokens can do many things, like staking, protecting the network, paying fees, and connecting different subnets within the blockchain. 

There is a strict limit to how many Avalanche tokens can be out there, and their circulation is closely watched. This is a deflationary mechanism that helps keep the price of tokens stable. Avalanche is where smart contract apps can be made quickly, cheaply, and easily.

2. Polygon (MATIC) 

Polygon (MATIC) is a way for the second layer of the Ethereum (ETH) network to grow. The project will make it easy for developers to start new projects using the Ethereum network. You can buy these projects for a low price, and they come with clear instructions that can be used to make many different things. Polygon has an excellent framework for building infrastructure and solutions that can be used by many people on Ethereum. 

The Polygon Software Development Kit (SDK) gives developers a framework they can use to build and improve projects. This framework has parts and can also be changed. Users can make ZK and positive roll-up chains with the software development kit (SDK). In the end, Polygon turns the Ethereum blockchain into a multi-chain ecosystem, which makes it more useful. This takes care of both of these issues.

The MATIC utility token is used all over the Polygon Network because it can be used for many different things. Through their DAO, token holders can participate in government and use their tokens to buy things on the network. Builders can add to what the Ethereum blockchain can do by using the Polygon side chain, which uses its network to extend the blockchain.

3. Big Eyes (BIG)

The Big Eyes (BIG) project is a community token that makes DEFI on the blockchain easy to access. This goal was written down in the “white paper” for the project. Through this ecosystem, it will be easier for people to join the DEFI ecosystem and put money into it. 

The Japanese culture gives ideas about how the project should look, which changes how the project looks as a whole. Because of Big Eyes, DEFI is done differently. It has a unique way of doing things that helps DEFI users get the most out of it. This gives Big Eyes a chance to change how the DEFI sector works.

The project’s main focus is the Big Identifier Group (BIG), which will give users access to the protocol. Bonuses were also given to people who bought BIG during the pre-sale. You can get something if you tell your friends about Big Eyes and buy tokens today. Don’t forget that you can use each token in more than one way.

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