GK Study Plan for CLAT 2023

The Common Law Admission is an all-India examination. CLAT is an entrance examination for Undergraduate Law programs. It is provided by 22 National Law Universities all over India. The consortium of National Law Universities conducted the CLAT all over India. It also consisted of representative universities. Many other universities also preferred the CLAT for admission to their universities. 

Now permanent body conducted the CLAT after 2018. Before 2018 CLAT was conducted by National Law University. CLAT is also one of the popular examinations among candidates in the country. Preparation for CLAT also needs proper strategy and practice because of the high competition. This examination can be cleared by proper strategy and timetable.

CLAT examines aspirants based on the different criteria for the examination. The students who aspire to take admission through CLAT must plan a whole and sectional study plan to crack this examination. With proper strategy, aspirants can ace this examination and get a high rank in the examination. Before starting the preparation aspirants should go through the exam format of the CLAT and main concepts properly.

During the preparation for CLAT, the aspirant should prepare a smart strategy to clear this exam. No need to study 24 hours a day. Consistency in the study can give success in this examination. The previous year’s question paper should be analyzed properly to take an idea of how questions can be asked in the examination. Many aspirants can prepare on their own without any help. On the other hand, some aspirants may need help or guidance to clear this examination.

First, know the strong and weak areas. Aspirants should prepare according to their weaknesses and strengths. After analyzing the syllabus and previous year’s question papers, aspirants should segregate the topics according to the weightage from important to least important topics. 

All subjects should be divided in the study plan according to the strengths and weaker areas of the aspirants. Legal topics should be prepared by important mapping of the cases. Improve the weaker area.  Always start with the easy subject to make yourself comfortable in begin. Then move on to the difficult subjects. Revision should be done monthly, or weekly basis. Revision is important in all examinations.

CLAT GK is also an important area to clear CLAT. In the GK part either you know the answer correctly or don’t know the answer. If you follow current daily affairs regularly this section can be managed properly. Reading newspapers will help the current affairs section. Reading newspapers will also help in improving vocabulary.

GK part is not so difficult to score good marks in this. Just aspirants need to be focused and consistent in their preparation. And the most important thing is hard work. Without hard work, this examination or any other competitive examination cannot be cleared. During preparation, students should take care of a few things.


It is one of the critical aspects of the GK  part. Make a proper strategy and stick to the study plan. Don’t study according to your mood. You must study every single day to ace this examination. Consistency and discipline are very important.

Current affairs

Read the daily newspaper to update on the current things. Current affairs are one of the important parts of the GK CLAT. Aspirants should focus on this also. Neglecting current affairs can be risky for the aspirants. In newspapers, the editorial part should be focused on it will also improve the vocabulary of the aspirants. Read those newspapers whose editorial parts and editors are good.


It is important to make notes of the GK part. Make relevant and crisp notes for the revision. Making notes can save you just before the examination. So it is very to make short and crisp notes beforehand. Notes should only have relevant things.


Revision is very important in any competitive examination. Without revision, it can be difficult to clear any competitive examination. So make a proper strategy for revision on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Because when we read anything it is a good possibility to forget that part after some time that’s why revision is very important.


GK CLAT is not a very difficult part of the examination but it also needs proper attention during CLAT preparation. GK part can provide you with a high rank in the examination. The difficulty level of CLAT is medium. Aspirants must make a proper study plan during the preparation for the CLAT examination to clear this examination. 

Discipline and consistency should be there. Without discipline and consistency, nothing going to happen. The syllabus and the previous year’s question paper is very important. 

Properly analyzing the syllabus and previous year’s question papers before starting the preparation that helps aspirants to know about the most important and least important topics for the GK part. This section can be easily managed by proper strategy and study plan. So it is very important to make a proper strategy and study plan and stick to it.

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