5 SAT Test Preparation Tips

There’s no doubt that the SAT exam is a big undertaking. Almost 1.4 million students from high school appeared for SAT 2021 between March to June. So, if you’re planning to appear for this exam in the near future, you need to be well prepared both for the curriculum and competetion.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you understand how to study properly so that you can give your best on the day of the exam!

1. Focus on your mistakes

This will probably sound weird and unpleasant, but one of the most important things to remember during your SAT test prep is to focus on where you’re going wrong. This is even more important than rejoicing when you get an answer right.

If you’re not being aware of the mistakes that you’re making, you won’t see any improvements. Each student makes a different kind of mistake; some focus only on their weaknesses and skip on strengths, some lose focus due to lack of time, and others aren’t able to grasp the concepts properly.

You should figure out which category you fall into. Then, analyze what you can do to improvise on your mistakes. 

2. Create a study schedule

One of the best ways to be sincere towards your preparation is to make a study schedule. And after you make it, don’t simply paste it on your wall and forget about it; make sure you stick to the schedule as much as possible.

Most students take a few practice tests and then call it a day, but this is where they go wrong. First, you’ll have to sit down and study hard before you can attempt any of the practice tests. For which, you have to start making a test schedule on the basis of your SAT test date.

To make a schedule count the number of days or weeks left for the test. Then assign how many hours you need to give to each section. Also, usually, 3-4 hours of studying every day will be enough, so plan your timetable accordingly. 

3. Read through passages strategically

Before your big day, try to make a strategic passage-reading strategy to help you save time and also to get your answers right.

Without wasting too much time, skim through the passage first and get a rough idea of what it’s saying. Then, since SAT gives you line numbers for the passage-related questions, you can skip straight to the questions and refer to that line number. 

However, if you think you can do a thorough reading within the time given, make sure to do that. Ensure that it’s not slowing you down or distracting you. Finally, after marking your answers, double-check every one of them!

4. Use quality materials

You’ll find tons of study material for your SAT test on the internet. But which of them will actually help you understand the topics better? Learning to differentiate between the good and the not-so-good study materials is crucial if you want to ace this test.

Your first resource should be the worksheets and papers available on the College Board website. You can also download the SAT study guide to understand how to prepare well. There are also practice questions and full-length mock test papers to help you get familiarized with the exam pattern.

Other top-grade preparation materials include Barron’s SAT Study guide, Kaplan’s SAT prep plus, and the Princeton Review’s books.

5. Memorize grammar rules

This isn’t only for SAT; no matter which exam you take, it’s essential to know the basic rules of English grammar.

When you know your grammar is strong, your communication skills will also get better. Coming to SAT, you must understand that it has a specific standardized approach to the grammar section, so make sure you know your grammar rules well in advance.

Even if an answer looks absolutely right to you, it might have hidden errors in it. This can only be detected when you’re strong at grasping these grammatical concepts. This will also prevent you from carelessly choosing the “No change” option.

Over to you…

Before the SAT exam, make sure you are well-rested and hydrated. You must eat healthy foods and keep a calm mind throughout your prep phase. You can hire an SAT tutor to guide you properly if needed.

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