What Activities to Enjoy While on Cruise?

There are different kinds of activities that you can enjoy while on a cruise. These include Flowrider rides, the AquaDuck water coaster tube ride, Slideboarding, and even Mini-golf. Adventure in Alaska is a great way to spend your vacation with your family. But, no matter what your favorite pastime is, you’ll be able to find something to suit your style and budget.

Flowrider Ride

There are several Flowrider ride activities to enjoy on your cruise trip. The Flowrider is an exciting water sport where you glide over a fast-moving layer of water. However, there are some things to consider before you try it. If you’re wearing a bikini, the water can pull up parts of your swimsuit, while a guy in a loose pair of shorts may reveal more skin than you intended. The experience is not recommended for sensitive skin, so check your clothes before you ride.

AquaDuck Water Coaster Tube Ride

For an unforgettable experience aboard a cruise ship, try taking an AquaDuck water coaster tube ride. The rafts on AquaDuck slide seventy-five feet above the water, sending guests on a thrilling ride through a tube of primarily clear water. Starting on deck sixteen, the course loops the ship twice, dropping passengers down three tiers, then rising to the boat’s top deck for a thrilling drop. The ride has a fast-paced and exciting whirlwind of water, so be prepared for a long line on a busy day.

For the ride, guests must be able to climb several steps to board the raft. The ride is not handicap accessible. The rider must be physically fit and ambulatory to climb the stairs and enter the raft. Loose clothing is not permitted on the AquaDuck, so make sure you wear a swimsuit or other protective clothing. 


While on a cruise, be sure to try Slideboarding. This interactive video game takes a traditional water slide and turns it into a fun-filled race. As you zoom down a two-story slide, you’ll have to match colors with the flashing lights to score points. Your progress will be tracked, and your score will be displayed.


If you’re a game fan, consider booking a golfing excursion while on your cruise. Although most cruise ships feature putting greens and driving cages, some have elaborate miniature golf courses. Aside from traditional mini golf, many cruise ships now include rock-climbing courses. This fun activity is great exercise and is available for free. Some ships even feature spectacular ocean views while climbing the rocks. But, of course, mini-golf is an age-old activity that will always be popular.

Live Audience Game Shows

If you’re traveling with your family on a cruise trip, consider taking advantage of the live audience participation game shows on board. The performances are usually highly hilarious, and they often include prizes for winning. In addition, some cruise lines offer adult shows that go late into the night. This way, the entire family can join in on the fun.

Fitness Classes

Cruises often feature plenty of space for exercise and fitness classes. For example, fitness classes include rock climbing walls and surfing on a FlowRider. These activities require a lot of leg power, so you may want to bring your fitness equipment. You can also walk around the ship or take a yoga class. A cruise ship with ample exercise space is an excellent vacation option.

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