Home Organization Tips; Keep your Spaces Healthy and Tidy

Keeping your home healthy and tidy is extremely crucial. Regular cleaning and maintenance can play a huge role in this aspect. 

Similar to how you would go beyond measures to protect your home and family with the help of security guards and CCTV systems; keeping bacteria and virus away is equally important. Over the past 2 years, we all have learnt different ways to protect ourselves through efficient cleaning within our homes and offices. The pandemic has definitely scaled up our hygiene priorities. And keeping up with them can help us largely in the long run. 

If you are planning to keep your homes clean, healthy, and organized; this guide is definitely for you. 

Kitchen Cleaning Tips 

Almost everything gravitates to the kitchen in our homes. We are bored; we walk to the kitchen. We are hungry, we walk to the kitchen and even when we are sad or happy, we want something to eat. Thus, keeping it clean and healthy is vital. 

The basic way to keep your kitchen and toilet sinks’ and taps running efficiently is an effective drain cleaning routine. If your drainage system is well-kept, you will hardly run into breakdowns or foul smells around the house. Avoid running down food particles and remnants in the sink. Opt for drain cleaning solutions to keep your pipes free of bacteria and built-up. 

Replace your dishwashing sponges and towels after a maximum of 3 months. Even if you clean them regularly, it is best to get rid of your kitchen towel after a few months. Replacing sponges monthly is a hygienic move. Sanitize the countertops at least once per week. Also, try your best to keep the utensils organized in cabinets. Do not leave them open as the air is filled with dust particles. 

Bedroom Cleaning Tips 

Whether you sleep alone or you share it with your partner or sibling, cleaning your bedroom is extremely important. The simplest is to change your bedspread after every 7 days. Use zippered mattress and pillow covers and wash your bedspreads with warm water to kill all types of dust mites and bacteria. Vacuum your carpets twice per week and mop your floors to keep them shining for the years to come. 

Bathroom Cleaning:

Your bathroom is the most prone to bacteria and germs. Thus, sanitizing your toilet taps and handles is important. Use bathroom friendly bleach to run down the toilet once or twice per week for killing germs. Clean your tiles every month to ensure that they stay free of grime. Lastly, keep the drains clean and make sure that hair and other items do not clog in them. 


Keeping your homes clean and healthy is as important as keeping them safe. Thus, paying attention to regular cleaning is critical and these basic tips can definitely help you go a long way in ensuring a healthier space for your kids and family overall. 

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