Choosing The Right Material For Your Outdoor Furniture

The right furniture has the power to completely change the look of your house, alleviating its vibe to the next level. Moreover, buying indoor or outdoor furniture is an investment on its own. After all, you will be unwinding on your sofa set every day for the next few years, at least!

Durability and comfort are the two primary characteristics that every piece of furniture must feature. Yet, that’s not all.

When buying outdoor furniture, choosing the suitable material that can withstand the weather outside is important. That said, furniture shopping must be a fun task, not a tedious chore. So, here are some factors that you must keep in mind when picking the ideal material for your furniture!

Factors for choosing the material for outdoor furniture

When buying furniture for your patio, lawn or garden, it’s essential to choose something that can maintain its appearance and structural integrity throughout the changing seasons. Think about all the effort and time it will take you to care for and clean the furniture.

Add to it, if you are environmentally conscious, then you would also need to pick an eco-friendly material. The cost is, albeit another guiding factor, too.

Let’s examine these weather-related factors in detail:

1.     Moisture and rain

Are you located somewhere in Queensland or Tasmania, where rainstorms are pretty frequent, and humidity is on a high-rise? Then, you should pick furniture that can endure the storms and rain and is resistant to water-based damages.

Often, retained moisture and long-standing water degrades the furniture material and paves the way for health issues.

A moist environment allows for fungus to thrive and the condition of mold and mildew may not be too far gone, either. It can eventually create respiratory issues and irritation. Prolonged moistness can also cause the furniture material to rot and decay.

If you choose metal-based furniture, the rains may leave it susceptible to corrosion. If you live on the coastlines of Australia, don’t pick metal furniture, for it would undergo rusting and discolouration.

2.     High temperature and sunny weather

If you are situated in Perth, Marble Bar, Wyndham, etc., you must be well versed with high temperatures and sunny days. In areas like these, where it’s too sunny or drastic seasonal shifts, you should pick furniture that can endure the harsh UV rays and the climate fluctuations.

Research and pick a material that wouldn’t fade or lose its lustre despite the consistent exposure to sunshine. Although, sometimes, the irregular spotting and colour fading may add to the overall aesthetic.

Also, keep in mind that climate changes from hot to cold can cause the material to expand and contract rapidly. It may cause the furniture to split, bend, and ultimately break down.

Additionally, nobody wants to sit on outdoor furniture which is burning hot. Hence, a material that retains heat for long hours is a no-no! Who would want to sit on a lounge chair only to burn their skin?

3.     Windy weather

Are you living in one of the windiest places in Australia? Then, ensure that you pick furniture that is not lightweight and can hold its weight during heavy winds. There’s no reason to get a dent on your gorgeous deck chair simply because it couldn’t fight the powers of Mother Nature!

Final words

Furniture shopping is undoubtedly a bit time-consuming and perhaps even extensive research sometimes. It’s essential to consider all the relevant factors, such as the weather of the place you are living, durability, appearance, cost and greenness.

Once you pick the right furniture, your home will transform into a dream place! Isn’t that the end goal?

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