Top 3 iPad Pro Basic Problems and their Solutions

Apple iPads have long been considered the gold standard in tablet computing. Apple devices have the highest satisfaction rating in the PC and tablet industry. The iPad Pro’s have a large display, iPad operating system, long battery life, and Magic Keyboard. Millions of people want to buy Apple’s most powerful tablet. It’s an appealing device for increasing productivity and creativity.

You can’t deny that numerous issues can arise with your iPad from time to time. While some problems may necessitate having your iPad repaired at a service centre, others problems can be fixed at home without much technical expertise. If you have any issue in your laptop and want to know about tips and tricks of laptops, You can check here:

Problem 1: The iPad Pro Randomly shut down on its own

There could be several reasons why your iPad suddenly shuts down. A software bug, cluttered storage, or even a worn-out battery could contribute to this. A software glitch is the most common cause of your iPad shutting down repeatedly. The iPad may be overheating and trying to protect itself by taking a break and shutting down, so we’ll investigate each aspect and propose a viable solution to resolve the problem.

How To Solve     

Solution 1:

  • When dealing with hardware or software issues on an iPad, this is frequently the first thing you should do. Next, you can Reset or Restart your iPad Pro.
  • Next, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously on an iPad with a Home Button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • If your iPad does not have a Home Button, rapidly press and release the Volume Up button. Then, quickly press and release the Volume Down button. Finally, hold down the Top button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Solution 2:

  • The issue can also be solved by updating your iPad to the most recent version of iPadOS. Because Apple frequently releases software updates with a slew of bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • There’s a good chance updating the software will fix the iPad’s random rebooting.
  •  However, if the issue persists, you must contact Apple’s customer service department for assistance.

Solution 3: 

  • The best way to solve this issue is to drain the battery completely.
  • Then, connect the iPad to the mains once it has lost all its charges. Then, allow it to charge entirely in one sitting.

Problem 2: WiFi Connecting Issues

Your iPad is frequently unable to connect to Wi-Fi due to a minor software issue.

Firmware crashes, network outages, hardware-related and account-related issues are all possible causes of Wi-Fi problems in mobile devices. However, simple steps can be taken to solve it.

How To Solve

Solution 1:

  •  From the Home screen, tap to open Settings.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • Select Forget This Network from the menu.
  • Next, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and on.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router and modem are both turned on.

Solution 2:

  •  Make sure your Wi-Fi software is up to date. Check that the firmware on your router is up to date. You may need to contact your ISP or the router’s manufacturer.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset all of your network settings. You’ll have to re-enter your passwords. These steps can solve this issue.

Solution 3:

Consider moving your router to an alternate location if you believe you are experiencing interference. For example, interference comes from walls or several walls between your iPad and the router.

Problem 3: My iPad is not Charging

You expect it to show charging when you plug in your iPad, but the screen remains blank. One of four components that work together to charge your iPad has a problem. These are the four elements:

  • Software for your iPad (iPadOS).
  • Your iPad’s power supply.
  • It’s your Lightning cord.
  • The charging port on your iPad

How To Solve

Solution 1:

First, ensure that you are using the appropriate accessories.

Connect a USB charging cable to your iPad (preferably the cable that came with your iPad). Then connect the cable to a power source.

Solution 2:

  • Switch to a different power adapter or charging cable. Contact Apple Support if you don’t have those.
  • Check and see if your iPad is too hot or too cold.
  • Restart your iPad.

Solution 3:

Ensure the charger is 12 watts, as a 12-watt USB power charger is best for iPads.

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