Do Kids That Take Music Lessons Do Better in School?

Music lessons teach kids to commit to something and work toward their goals over time. The persistence they learn through music is also useful in other areas of their lives, like schoolwork and job-related tasks. But the real reason music improves kids’ academic performance is much deeper than that, researchers say. It has to do with the way music teaches children to listen.

Increased Confidence

The process of learning music requires patience, persistence, and self-discipline. When students finally get a song right, take on a new piece, or nail that difficult solo at a recital they’ve been working towards, they feel a rush of confidence like nothing else. Kids need this feeling of accomplishment to build their self-esteem.

Kids also gain confidence when they play music in a group setting. In addition, playing musical instruments in a group requires cooperation and teamwork skills, which help children learn how to work with others and encourage prosocial behaviors such as empathy and helping.

The benefits of music lessons in Vancouver go far beyond improving IQs and boosting academic performance. Musically trained kids perform better on tests that measure visuospatial processing, memory, and a wide range of cognitive skills that benefit their overall school performance. They also learn creativity, self-expression, and systematic learning that will be helpful throughout their lives. They gain a unique cultural perspective and develop their ability to connect meaningfully with others.

Improved Listening Skills

Music lessons teach kids to listen and appreciate others’ contributions. They also learn to work in groups as they practice with their classmates.

Kids need to be able to practice regularly to become proficient on their instrument, so it teaches them patience and perseverance. They see the rewards of their efforts and learn that they must be dedicated to working toward a goal.

The part of the brain that processes sound is larger in musicians than in non-musicians, so it makes sense that kids who take music would have better listening skills. But this research goes beyond that, demonstrating that children with music education perform better on standardized tests than students without it.

Better Communication Skills

As a group activity, learning music requires cooperation and communication skills. For example, if students are working on creating a crescendo or an accelerando, they must learn how to give constructive criticism while also respecting their peers’ ideas and contributions. They will also work with children they may not be particularly close to in a band or orchestra, providing them with experience dealing with different people and perspectives.

This can help them in other aspects of their lives because they will understand how to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable components. In addition, they will know the importance of persistence and patience. Finally, online music lessons in Vancouver can help them achieve anything they set their mind to, which is a great confidence booster for kids to take into school and beyond. It can also improve their ability to listen. This is because practicing music helps develop the structure and function of their auditory cortex and Heschl’s gyrus, which supports hearing and listening.

Better Self-Esteem

Kids who take music lessons, especially in a group such as a band or orchestra, often learn about teamwork. They also learn about working towards a common goal, whether learning a new song or rehearsing for an end-of-year concert.

Children need to be taught that their hard work will pay off – and it does! Musical children learn that achieving a musical goal is rewarding, which will help them understand this in adulthood. Kids who play music have been shown to do better at school, not just in SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and attending a four-year university. 

So next time you wonder whether your child should stick with that violin or any music lessons, remember these benefits and consider giving them a chance!

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