Which are the Easiest Languages To Learn For Arabic Speakers

Do you know that one of the foremost benefits of learning the Arabic language is that it helps you in learning related languages? Learning Arabic is not a piece of the cake. You have to spend several hours practicing to gain proficiency in this language. It is the most difficult language to learn for English native speakers. 

However, once you learn this language then learning other languages becomes easy. If you have started learning the Arabic language then you should not stop learning it because of its difficulty. During your learning period, you can take assistance from professional Arabic translation services. It can make your Arabic learning venture easy. 

Easiest Languages to Learn for Arabic Speakers 

You have learned the Arabic language and now you want to learn other foreign languages to enhance your resume. Let’s have a look at the languages which are easier to learn for Arabic speakers. 


Amharic is the first language of Amharas which is the ethnic group of Ethiopia. More than 25 million people around the world speak this language. It is an easier language to learn for Arabic speakers because its consonant roots, vowel sounds, and suffices are similar to the Arabic language. Moreover, these both are Semitic languages. However, Amharic does not have Greek elements just like Arabic. 

It uses a writing script called Ge’ez.  This language can be easy or difficult to learn because of the Arabic dialect that you know. To make learning Amharic easy, you can take the assistance of Professional translation company according to the dialect.


Tigrinya is another language that the people of Ethiopia speak. Moreover, it is also spoken in Eritrea. Approximately seven million people around the world speak this language. This language is also written using the Ge’ez script. If you plan to visit Eritrea then you can easily communicate with local people because of your Arabic knowledge. People living in Eritrea both speak English and Arabic as their official languages. This language has taken many loan words from Arabic. Therefore, it is the easiest language to learn for Arabic speakers. 


It is the Semitic subgroup of Northwest and it is widely used in Israel. Around 9 million people around the world speak this language. Apart from Israel, people living in Panama, Gaza, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and the USA also speak this language. This language is a viable option for Arabic speakers because its sentence structure and pronunciation are like the Arabic language.  In addition, both these languages are written using BiDi writing code. In this writing system, the alphabet is written from right to left.  


The Farsi language is a Western Iranian language from the Indo-European group. Approximately, 62 million people around the world speak this language making it the world,s 20 most spoken language. Farsi language is the easiest language to learn for Arabic speakers because it has taken many loan words from the Arabic language. Moreover, the Farsi script is also like Arabic except for a few additional letters. The main difference between both languages is the accent.  To overcome this difficulty, professional Farsi Translation is of great help. 


Maltese is the official language of Malta. Around half a million people around the planet speak this language. It is a Semitic language that is certified as a European language by the European Union. This language is close to Arabic because of certain historic events. However Maltese is different from 30 Arabic dialects. It is mutually intelligible with the Maġribī Arabic dialect. Moreover, Maltese is greatly influenced by Italian and Sicilian languages which makes it different from other Arabic dialects. 


Pasto is an Eastern Iranian language. People living in Pakistan and Afghanistan speak it widely. Around 40 million people around the world speak this language. The important thing to note is that it is written using Arabic and Farsi letters with the addition of 12 more. Arabic people can also learn Farsi and Dari. It is spoken in Afghanistan. Arabic speakers can easily recognize Arabic loan words used in Pashto but for this, they have to know the basics of the Pashto language. If you want to differentiate Farsi spoken in Afghanistan from Pashto then you must take assistance from Farsi translation services


People living in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey speak this language. Around 25 million to 30 million people around the world speak this language. Just like Farsi and Pashto, many alphabets in this language are taken from the Arabic language but with slight pronunciation differences. Arabic speakers can easily learn the Kurdish language without making too much effort. 

Wrapping Up

Learning a new language can be very productive. It can improve your interpersonal skills and you can move around the world with confidence. By learning different languages you can explore the unique cultures of the world easily. If you are an Arabic speaker then you can learn the above-mentioned languages easily. The key to language learning is persistence and practice. You can add some fun elements to your language-learning journey to make it enjoyable.

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