What are the best books for CEED and UCEED 2023 preparation?

CEED 2023 Preparation:

CEED exam will be conducted by IIT Bombay on January 22, 2023, which indicates you are having only 2 months to prepare for the exam.

There are plenty of study materials that help in guiding you to crack the exam.

Book nameAuthor
CEED and NID M.Des Entrance books and Test seriesAshish Popli, Pradosh Swain, Rishabh Rhode
Cracking CEED and UCEEDAshok Goel and Arjun Kamal
Study notes material on IIFT +NID+NIFT for 2022-2023Sourav Sir’s classes
Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch and other design entrance exams by DesignologueDesignologue
Design DrawingFrancis DK ching

CEED Exam Preparation 2023:

  • Some of the tips for the preparation for this exam include improving your sketching skills.
  • Candidates should have a good regular practice of sketching.
  •  Ensure you carry a handbook or a notebook with you because you neverknowwhenany striking thought will cross your brain.
  • Follow a consistent schedule- with the exam approaching nearer; one should not be indulging in leisure activities. ‘‘Instead, get up and start sprinting’’. Prepare a proper timetable for studying and follow up relentlessly.
  • Solve sample papers- it is a crucial step for every aspirant. There are numerous benefits to solving these CEED 2023 sample papers. For instance, it will help you to understand the question paper structure, the level of difficulty, the topics from which questions are repeated, etc. this ensures the candidate can improve his or her problem-solving skills and manage time.
  • Find out the scoring topics- easy scoring topics can be noted; one should identify these topics for good scoring. Once you have these easy marks in your pockets, you will be more confident to kick start the daily routine preparation.
  • Don’t get frightenedby difficult topics- if after relentless effort on a topic was done, even after that if it didn’t get into your head, leave the topic for the time being. Once you are done with the complete CEED 2023 syllabus get back to these tougher ones and this time as u will be more confident go with that flow and revise.
  • Check out any YouTube tutorials- social media is doing wonders these days, use it for the CEED preparation guidelines and get along with some important topics from here.
  • Take mock tests- a number of mocks can improve your accuracy and learn from it so that it will add the final touches to the preparation.

CEED question papers:

IIT Bombay will conduct the exam and they will release the official question papers of the CEED entrance test. The question papers are released after the completion of each year’s exam.

This means the CEED 2023 will be updated on the official exam portal after the 2023 exam is completed.

CEED syllabus:

Part A: 6 domains

  1. Visualization and spatial ability
  2. Environmental and social awareness
  3. Analytical and logical reasoning
  4. Language and creativity
  5. Design thinking and problem solving
  6. Observation and design sensitivity

Part B: 4 topics

  1. Drawing
  2. Creativity
  3. Communication skills
  4. Analytical and problem-solving skills

UCEED 2023 Preparation:

IIT Bombay will conduct the UCEED 2023 exam on January 22, 2023.

This UCEED preparation contains two sections of question paper

1.) Part A will be objective-type and include 68 questions

2.) Part B will be a sketching-based test and includes one question.

Follow the UCEED exam pattern:

UCEED examSectionNo of questions
Part ANAT18
Part BDrawing question1
Total no of questions68

Candidates will emerge successful if they have a grip on design elements and adequate knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge.

These are the bestbooks to crack this exam. Some of them include:

Book nameAuthor
UCCED design environment and social awareness in design perspective combined with mental and verbal aptitude.Srijan Shilpa
Cracking CEED and UCEEDAshok Goel and Arjun Kamal
Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch and other design entrance exams by DesignologueDesignologue
NID-NIFT-CEED-CEED WorkbookArRevathi Shantanu Parkhi and Rhythm Singh Kachhawa
Quantitative aptitudeRS Aggarwal
Verbal and non-verbal reasoningRS Aggarwal
UCEED (BDes) entrance books and test seriesAFA India  
Analytical Reasoning, Mental Aptitude, Verbal aptitude (UCEED Guide)Institute of creative sciences

UCEED Exam preparation 2023:

Step 1:- by heart every bit of the syllabus and gain in-depth knowledge of the topics

Step 2:- one should understand the exam pattern and marking scheme

Step 3:- a study timetable should be prepared to have daily, weekly, monthly targets

Step 4:- previous year questions are the key, therefore solve them and also solve sample papers and mock tests.

UCEED question papers:

IIT Bombay portal can be referred to for solving these previous questions. This would benefit the students in understanding the types of questions asked and to formulate a time management strategy.

UCEED syllabus:

Part A: 6 topics

  1. Visualization and spatial ability
  2. Observation and design sensitivity
  3. Environmental and social awareness
  4. Analytical and logical reasoning
  5. Language and creativity
  6. Design thinking and problem-solving

   Part B: 1 Topic

  1. Drawing

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