What is Kratom Shots?

Since the 1800s, kratom has been integral to humans’ healthy life. It has been used as a popular traditional remedy for decades in Southeast Asian countries.

As it is native to Southeast Asia, the local people also used it in various rituals. But in the last two decades, it has gained popularity in the Western world due to its fantastic health benefits.

People are frequently moving towards this natural herb as it has been shown to be the best alternative for opioid addiction with remarkably fewer side effects.

However, it is still considered a controlled substance due to its effects. But American Kratom Association has been working hard for its regularization and complete awareness of this organic herb.

Kratom Variants

Initially, kratom powder and crushed leaves were used. But, due to its increasing demand, more and more products of mitragyna have hit the market.

These include pills, capsules, liquid extract, oil, and tincture. Capsules are popular among all due to their ease of consumption. Liquid extracts have also become much famous due to the purity and accuracy of the dosage form. 

Kratom Shots

Mitragyna speciosa has grown in the nutrient-rich soil of Southeast Asian countries. The plant’s leave is then harvested and sent for further processing.

Kratom powder is all time favourite and convenient physical form of this fantastic herb. However, the liquid extract has gained more popularity for some years.

Liquid kratom extract provides 100% pure alkaloid contents than all other forms.

Kratom shot is usually used in a bottle containing one or two dosage quantities of pure kratom extract. There are many advantages of kratom liquid extract over other forms. These include,

  • It contains 100% pure alkaloid contents, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • It offers an accurate quantity of the required dosage 
  • Kratom shot is available in different strains
  • It is feasible to carry and drink in one sip
  • It can be mixed in your favourite soft drink or any other beverage
  • It is best for a daily routine dose of your favourite mitragyna strain

Many brands have been selling premium quality kratom products, particularly kratom shots. Krave Kratom is one of the famous and reputed brands in the ketum world. It supplies a fantastic selection of mitragyna capsules, powder, and liquid extract shots. 

This reputed brand is based in San Diego County in California. The brand offers quality products to all its worthy customers. Some of the famous kratom extract shots manufactured by krave kratom are listed below.

  • Bali Blend Kratom Shot
  • Green Malay Kratom Shot
  • Krave 100X Kratom Extract Liquid Shot
  • Krave 200X Kratom Extract Liquid Shot
  • Maeng Da Kratom Shot
  • Red Dragon Kratom Shot
  • Trainwreck Kratom Shot
  • White Thai Kratom Shot

MIT 45 is another reliable brand that sells the best quality herbal supplements at reasonable prices. If you want to buy the best quality kratom shots, you can buy from MIT 45 with total confidence.

MIT 45 offers you products that three special steps in purification and extraction techniques have manufactured.

Some of the famous Kratom extract shots offered by MIT 45 are listed below,

  • MIT 45 Go
  • MIT 45 Gold
  • MIT 45 Boost
  • MIT 45 Super K
  • MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong

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