Maintaining Situational Awareness To Avoid A Newport Bicycle Accident

As a cyclist, accident injuries can be more devastating than those involved in a car. To avoid these riders, adopt several safety measures. But along with this, it is also essential to maintain situational awareness. This might be a term that most people are unaware of. Our conscience instructs up to provide our full focus on the road while riding any vehicle and a bicycle is no exception. However, most accidents occur due to the negligence of some other driver, and in such cases, no safety measures work. Contact an attorney immediately after seeking medical attention if one has been involved in a bicycle accident and has suffered numerous injuries. An attorney will help you to learn more about the procedure of securing a compensation claim or filing a lawsuit if required.

What Is Situational Awareness?

Although heavily unacknowledged, situational skills are essential skills that deem necessary for every rider. It refers to the speculative understanding of one’s surroundings and maintaining awareness. As every rider owes a duty of care while driving on the road, situational awareness will help prevent any breach of the duty of care and ensure safety for all. For instance, unless one is aware of all the things happening in the surroundings, one would not be able to prevent serious accidents that might occur when a car door suddenly opens in the bike lane.

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How To Maintain Situational Awareness?

To maintain situational awareness, one needs to avoid common distractions, which include:

 Use Of Cell Phones While Riding:

Irrespective of the type of vehicle one is driving, be it a car or a bicycle, the attention must be fixed on the road. Any distractions can pose a threat to an accident. If one suddenly needs to use the phone, one should move to a safe place away from the road. This will help in ensuring safety for the person who is driving as well as others who are on the road.

Riding Without Placing The Hands On The Handlebar:

While most cyclists find riding with one hand to be a sign of experience and level of comfortability with the vehicle, it is a sign of relinquishing the safety and control over the vehicle. Therefore, keeping both hands on the handlebar is always advised, so there’s no provision for any error.

Using Earbuds Or Headphones:

It is undoubtedly tempting to put on earbuds and play one’s favourite podcast, but this will prove dangerous as one cannot hear any safety signals on the road, such as vehicle horns or oncoming traffic.

Final Thoughts:

Bicycle accidents can prove catastrophic, especially because there is more exposure to injuries in a two-wheeler. Therefore irrespective of the accident’s severity, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention, followed by consultation with an attorney.

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