Best 8 Affordable Ski Resorts for Families

Are you on a mission to discover the perfect blend of winter wonder, exhilarating fun, and budget-friendly options? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then you’re probably on the hunt for affordable ski resorts for families. Well, your search ends here. This guide will take you on a whirlwind tour of the best 8 affordable ski resorts for families, offering not only fantastic snowy slopes but also an array of amenities and activities for all ages. Stick with us as we uncover these hidden gems, and let’s make your next family vacation a memorable adventure that doesn’t break the bank!

The 8 Best Ski Resorts for Families on a Budget

Key Factors in Choosing the Perfect Affordable Ski Resort for Your Family

Want to find the perfect affordable ski resort for your family? Here’s your cheat sheet!

Prioritize resorts that cater to children, both on and off the slopes. Factor in the resort’s location, considering both travel duration and nearby attractions. Evaluate the accommodation offerings and their inherent value. Also, ensure the availability of beginner-friendly slopes, structured ski lessons, and engaging non-ski activities. Lastly, tasty dining options and reasonable equipment rental costs can make your trip a snowy success without the frostbite to your finances!

Top 8 Affordable Ski Resorts for Families

1. Frosty Heights Retreat, Vermont, USA

Enveloped in Vermont’s enchanting Green Mountains, Frosty Heights Retreat has consistently been acknowledged as an economical, family-centric getaway. Their spacious chalets, outfitted with inviting fireplaces and fully equipped kitchens, are available for a modest $150 per night. They offer competitively priced day ski passes, striking a balance between family enjoyment and budget mindfulness. The culinary experience here is not to be overlooked; a comforting family dinner typically costs around $20 per person. Frosty Heights sets itself apart with an array of gentle slopes suitable for beginners and a highly-praised ski school reflected in the numerous positive reviews from satisfied parents. Coupled with an exhilarating tubing hill, Frosty Heights Retreat stands as a premier example of a budget-friendly ski resort designed for families.

Vermont, USA

2. Alpinus Getaway, Aosta Valley, Italy

Take a European detour to Alpinus Getaway, a little slice of winter paradise tucked away in Italy’s stunning Aosta Valley. The resort, admired for its charming chalets starting at €100 per night, provides an affordable alternative to pricier European destinations. Lift passes average at €30 per day, with discounts for family packages. For foodies, Alpinus offers a gastronomic delight with a wide range of dining options that cost around €15-20 per person. Alpinus Getaway is a favorite amongst families, thanks to its free kid’s club and off-slope activities like ice skating and sledding, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

Aosta Valley, Italy

3. Courchevel 1550, Rhône-Alpes, France

Get a taste of French alpine skiing magic at Courchevel 1550, an integral part of the world’s largest linked ski area – The Three Valleys. This destination, often overlooked due to its glitzy neighbors, offers an array of options that make it an affordable ski resort for families. Family-friendly accommodation is readily available here, particularly in the charming village of Courchevel 1550. Options start from as low as €120 per night, with an impressive selection viewable. Lift passes are budget-friendly, around €40 per day, with appealing family packages for added savings. Dining showcases both authentic Savoyard cuisine and international dishes, with a typical meal costing around €20 per person. Courchevel 1550 boasts excellent ski schools, diverse play areas, and a fun-filled Family Park. If you’re seeking a rich yet budget-friendly skiing experience, Courchevel 1550 emerges as an outstanding choice for families.

Courchevel 1550, Rhône-Alpes, France

4. Snowbird Retreat, Quebec, Canada

Dive into the authentic Canadian winter experience at Snowbird Retreat, a gem located in the enchanting landscapes of Quebec. Accommodations here are notably affordable, with comfortable family suites starting around CA$120 per night. Lift passes are budget-friendly, with daily rates of around CA$45 per person. The resort’s dining options are varied and reasonably priced, providing a family meal for approximately CA$15-20 per person. Snowbird Retreat is lauded for its bilingual ski school and safe, beginner-friendly slopes, as reflected in countless positive family reviews. Its indoor snow play area is also a hit among younger guests, making it a truly appealing choice among affordable ski resorts for families.

Quebec, Canada

5. Alpine Meadows, Tyrol, Austria

Step into a fairy-tale setting with Alpine Meadows in the heart of Tyrol, Austria. Renowned for its alpine charm and family-friendly facilities, this resort offers spacious family rooms at a steal, beginning at around €80 per night. A daily lift pass costs around €35, and the delicious dining options, rich with local flavors, will set you back around €18 per person. The resort shines with its dedicated kids’ snow park and an exciting toboggan run, both immensely popular with families. Alpine Meadows, with its picturesque setting and wallet-friendly appeal, proves that an idyllic ski vacation need not be expensive.

Tyrol, Austria

6. Crystal Peak Lodge, Victoria, Australia

Experience Down Under’s snow cap at Crystal Peak Lodge, located in the snowy heart of Victoria, Australia. Family rooms in this ski-in, ski-out accommodation are a bargain, starting at AU$130 per night. Daily lift passes are reasonably priced, approximately AU$50 per person, with substantial family discounts available. Dining options are plenty and budget-friendly, averaging around AU$20 per person. The Lodge’s unique selling point lies in its array of family-friendly activities including snowman-building contests and treasure hunts, creating a lively, fun-filled atmosphere that families rave about in reviews.

Victoria, Australia

7. Silver Star Ski Resort, Andes, Chile

Head south to Chile’s Andes Mountains and discover Silver Star Ski Resort, a budget-friendly haven with a distinct Latin twist. Family rooms start at a modest CLP$60,000 per night, and daily lift passes are a bargain at around CLP$25,000. Dine on a fusion of local and international flavors for around CLP$10,000 per person. The resort earns high marks from families for its well-guarded beginner slopes and a bustling snow play area, perfect for little ones. The warmth and vibrancy of Silver Star Ski Resort promise a memorable and affordable family ski holiday.

Andes, Chile

8. White Bear Resort, Lapland, Finland

Embrace the magic of Lapland at White Bear Resort, a true winter wonderland. You’ll find comfortable family cabins starting at €90 per night, offering a cozy home away from home. Daily lift passes are competitive, at around €28 per person. A hearty family meal in the resort’s restaurant will cost you about €16 per person. The resort’s standout feature is its reindeer petting area and husky sled rides, ensuring endless fun for kids and adults alike. With glowing reviews from families, the enchanting White Bear Resort is the perfect culmination of our list of top affordable ski resorts for families.

Lapland, Finland

These eight options will undoubtedly provide memories that will last a lifetime without leaving a dent in your wallet. Affordable ski resorts for families are out there, offering you a magical, snowy adventure no matter which corner of the world you choose to explore.

Tips on How to Make Your Ski Trip More Affordable

Looking to make your next family ski vacation even more affordable? Sniff out those early booking discounts or package deals, they’re the best friends of frugal fun-seekers! Don’t shy away from off-peak times; the slopes are less crowded, and your wallet stays plump. Remember, a ski trip budget is like an iceberg – it’s those hidden costs beneath the surface that can sink your plans. And, in the great debate of rental vs. buying ski equipment, consider this: if you’re not hitting the slopes frequently, rentals are your pocket-friendly champion!


In a nutshell, choosing the perfect affordable ski resort for families doesn’t mean compromising on fun, comfort, or breathtaking snow-capped views. So, pack your ski gear, rally the troops, and get ready to carve some memories on the slopes of these winter wonderlands, without making your wallet shiver! Happy skiing!

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