Why Hurricane Impact Windows Are a Must-Have for Homeowners in High-Risk Areas

Homeowners in high-risk areas should ensure their windows and doors are impact resistant. It’s a wise investment that offers many benefits, including energy savings and reduced property insurance premiums.

Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand hurricane winds and flying debris. They are made with several layers of glass to help reinforce them. A permanent mark or sticker often tells you the window was tested and certified to withstand hurricanes.

Prevents Wind Damage

Homeowners in coastal areas affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms should invest in impact windows. They can help prevent severe damage to your home and family during and after a storm.

They also protect your property from airborne debris and sudden pressure changes that can cause the entire building to collapse.

These windows are a must-have for any home in a high-risk area, and some states, cities, and municipalities mandate that you have them installed on your property. They are also a popular upgrade for historical buildings and renovation projects.

Prevents Damage to Your Roof

In addition to preventing damage from high winds and flying debris, hurricane impact windows also help preserve the structure of your home. A broken window or door causes air pressure changes to enter the space, which can lift the roof off or knock down walls.

A damaged building envelope can destroy in a matter of minutes. That’s why hurricane-impact windows are a must-have for homeowners in high-risk areas.

They protect your home against wind and water, increase energy efficiency, decrease heating and cooling costs, and provide unrivaled security. They can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Prevents Debris from Entering Your Home

When hurricane winds blow, they carry flying debris and wind-borne objects that can enter your home. These include shingles, branches, roof tiles, garbage cans, and other things that could damage your windows or doors.

When high-quality impact windows are correctly installed, they offer your home the highest level of protection. These impact-resistant windows comprise a few layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make shattering and penetration almost impossible.

Impact-resistant windows also offer a variety of other collateral benefits. For one, they can help reduce noise pollution. In addition, they can cut down on glare from the sun and block out harmful UV rays.

Prevents Water Damage

Protecting your property from the disasters accompanying powerful hurricanes is essential if you reside in a hurricane-prone region. Typically, homes in these areas are susceptible to water damage and structural failure due to sudden pressure changes caused by strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Thankfully, impact windows can help prevent these problems. These hurricane-resistant windows are designed to withstand wind and flying debris from hurricanes, so they’re much more durable than regular windows.

When searching for replacement windows, look for a permanent mark or sticker indicating that the window is certified to withstand high winds and flying debris. Ensuring your product has been tested and proven to withstand hurricanes is critical.

Prevents Intruders from Entering Your Home

Burglars know that the most common way to gain entry into a home is to break windows or doors. According to the FBI, it allows them to quickly enter your home, snatching your belongings and allowing them to escape in seconds or less – typically within eight to 12 minutes on average.

Impact windows are designed to be stronger than standard glass and withstand impacts from wind, flying debris, and even break-in attempts. They are made with more than one pane of glass joined by a unique polyvinyl butyral interlayer.

This layer can withstand six-foot-long 2x4s launched at speeds of 34 mph, making them highly durable. The interlayer also keeps the overall window and door structure intact, preventing destructive winds or intruders from entering your home.

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