Elevate Your Home with Sub-Zero’s Premium Appliances

Want to turn your ordinary kitchen into an elevated, modern space fit for a chef? Try SubZero appliances. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, no brand can beat the standards set by Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero is a Wisconsin-based brand leading in the kitchen appliances industry and offers luxurious and premium fridges, built-in refrigerators, and other products to help you upscale your kitchen.

People choose Sub-Zero appliances because of their superior craftsmanship, detail to design, and limitless configuration that helps you seamlessly integrate new appliances into your current aesthetic.

This article will review some famous Sub-Zero appliances available at DNJ and why they are a must-have for your home.

Top 3 Sub-Zero Appliances

48″ PRO Refrigerator/Freezer with Glass Door

One of the most significant advantages of Sub-Zero appliances is that they are suitable for both commercial and residential kitchens. The PRO refrigerator by Sub-Zero can be installed easily with the surrounding cabinetry and is made of high-quality stainless steel.

It is equipped with dual refrigeration technology that helps preserve frozen foods in frigid, dry air and refrigerated food in cold, moist air. It has multiple built-in panels, an ice maker, a glass door, and more.

Key Features

● The NASA-based advanced air purification technology eliminates mold, bacteria, and other harmful airborne pathogens every 20 minutes.

● The UV-resistant, triple-pane glass door prevents the food from spoiling.

● You can control the temperature within one-degree setpoints.

30″ Designer Over-and-Under Freezer with Ice Maker – Panel Ready

If you are looking for more freezer space, try the Sub-Zero designer over-and-under freezer. It is spacious and has a main compartment with two drawers, triple the size of your current freezer.


The sleek and modern design is accompanied by magnetic seal door technology that locks in the temperature and prevents food from spoiling. It also has an ice maker with an “ice max” feature that increases production by 30% for 24 hours, ensuring you never run out of ice when guests are over.

Key Features

● You can add stainless steel panels to match with other Sub-Zero appliances.

● It has an advanced water filtration system that removes odor, pollutants, and chlorine taste.

● It has soft-on LED lighting.

30″ Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator Drawers – Panel Ready

Are you a wine connoisseur? Are you looking for safe storage for your wine collection? The IW-30R by Sub-Zero appliances is the perfect choice. It has two storage zones, both of which are individually controlled.

With this technology, you can store your reds and whites separately and at the proper temperatures. You can add custom panels and create an integrated look with your kitchen aesthetic. It also has two refrigerated drawers at the bottom to store cheeses, fruits, water, and other edibles to pair with your wines.

Key Features

● It can store up to 86 wine bottles.

● It has dual evaporators to maintain moderate humidity constantly.

● The UV-resistant glass door has a magnetic seal lock that locks in the cold air and prevents the wine from aging.


These top 3 Sub-Zero appliances are a must-have in any household. From meats and fruits to wines, protect your food from spoilage and keep it fresh and tasty for longer periods. Sub-Zero appliances are high-quality, optimized, and worth the price.

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