More Reasons to Celebrate Charmed

Charmed was the best show ever for most TV series enthusiasts in the late 90s. The 8-season show featured three sisters who were also witches and how they navigated the different challenges in their lives. The show’s popularity was mainly because the sisters were relatable across all demographics. Today, Charmed retains its popularity with an extensive fan base, and here is why.

4 Reasons to Celebrate Charmed More

There are several reasons why many consider Charmed the best show of the 90s. It would help to acknowledge that the writers and producers like Brad Kern played a crucial role in its overall success and industry impact.

Here are four reasons everybody should celebrate Charmed:

It Emphasizes Family

Although the sisters had powers, it is evident that the story focused more on portraying them as a family instead of supernatural. The series revolved around three sisters who were witches but always put each other first, especially in the early seasons.

In the second season, Phoebe and Prue have their relationship tested by several family issues. However, they were always there for each other, which shows the audience a sisterly bond is unbreakable. Only in a few shows will you find the family bond maintained throughout.

Each Sister Had a Different Personality

Another fascinating aspect of the TV series Charmed is that all the Halliwell sisters had unique personalities. This element made the show even more relatable, since there was something for everyone following the show.

The elder sisters understood Prue’s need to protect her family and the innocent, even if it meant sacrificing her own life. On the other hand, the younger siblings realized the importance of a focused mentality as they grew older. It appealed to individuals still finding themselves and those with steady careers and drive.

Perfectly Mixed Real Life and Fantasy

Charmed is the perfect series to binge if you want to take your mind out of the natural world for a while. The show perfectly blended fantasy and real life, giving it an added advantage over other airing shows.

Charmed took a different angle, as there was sister drama and a not-so-exaggerated fantasy element in all the episodes. The sisters had to go to school, work and interact with other individuals; everything you do in the real world. Conversely, their supernatural abilities allowed them to learn more about past events and their sisterly bond.

Featured an All-Female Lead

Not many shows in the 90s had empowered female characters in their cast. However, shows like Charmed proved it was possible to have an all-female lead and still have an entertaining and loved show. It was also the longest-running show featuring an all-female lead, making it a game-changer in the entertainment scene.


The story and plot loved in Charmed are less popular now than in the 90s, but millions still enjoy watching the show. It would be wise to tag along your younger siblings for them to experience the 90s scripting and film production in Charmed. Watch this stimulating, dark magic series on hundreds of websites and streaming platforms.

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