What are the main causes of fatalities in car accidents?

An accident knocks on your door when you least expect it. You would have planned a happy trip with your friends but it can turn into a horrific incident. There are many reasons behind an accident, from poor road conditions to driver’s negligence. These little errors and problems can turn into your biggest nightmare. But irrespective of that risk, you should ensure that you follow all the safety driving tips and techniques to prevent accidents as much as possible. Now, learn more about how can accidents turn into fatalities:

Not wearing seatbelt 

Seat belts are a primary safety rule that you should follow after you sit in a vehicle. Whether you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat, you should wear a seatbelt to protect yourself from jerks or accidents. Also, some cars offer airbag features only when the seat belt is fastened. 


Driving your vehicle beyond the speed limit can cause imbalance. You can lose control of your vehicle in emergencies and sudden break application will make your car tyres skid. This will result in accidents that can become fatal if the degree of damage is severe. 

Driving under influence 

Alcohol has an adverse effect on the human body. A person who consumes alcohol will take more time to respond to emergencies. And this is why it is recommended that you should never mix drinking with driving. First, you can get into an accident and second you won’t be able to ask for help because of being already dizzy.

Distracted while driving 

Distractions during driving can be dangerous. A little music or picking up your call can cause your concentration to shift and you may respond late when there is a dire need of applying breaks or taking sudden action on the road. So no matter how much you want to answer your phone, don’t do it while driving. It’s better to stop and talk and then drive again.

Although controlling accidents is not in your hand, you can still prevent them if you take certain precautions. For instance, take your car for regular servicing to check for any mechanical failure and get it repaired, wear your seat belts and prevent breaking traffic rules, like skipping red lights, overspeeding, changing lanes, rash driving, drinking and driving, avoid using your phone or listening to loud music while driving, etc. Some small steps can prevent you from facing severe injuries and protect yourself from devastating physical, emotional and financial damage.

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