Why Choose Kraft Paper Bags With Handles Over Other Types

In recent years, paper bags have gained a lot of popularity due to their environmentally friendly, reusable, biodegradable & recyclable nature and more customization options as compared to regular plastic bags. Like other non-reusable bags, they don’t end up in landfills. That’s why kraft paper bags with handles are the perfect choice for giving your brand more visibility. More visibility of your brand through paper bags will leave a positive impression on the customer, which leads to an increase in your profit, sales, and reputation. Paper bags are generally available in different shapes, sizes, and designs therefore some of the common types and their uses are enlisted below. Have a look!

Common Types and Uses of Paper Bags

  • ● Simple Brown Paper Bags With Handles

Brown paper bags are more durable and have a top handle. These bags can be found in department stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, and grocery stores. They are typically made of plain brown paper with a bottom gusset reinforced with another sheet of paper. Kraft paper bags with handles are reusable and recyclable, which means they can be used multiple times before they wear out.

  • ● Stand-on-Shelf Bags

In terms of design, color, and appearance, stand-on-shelf bags are very similar to brown paper bags. These are commonly used for transporting packed food or beverages and are popular among office workers for carrying lunch. As a result, they are also used in gift packaging.

  • ● Pinch & Square Bottom Bags

They have a tapered end similar to envelopes, and when one fills it, the other side remains open. These bags are frequently used in bakeries. Therefore have a grease-resistant lining on the inside, making them ideal for packing dry foods. The other type available in a similar design is square-bottom bags.

  • ● Merchandise Customized Bags

These are high-quality, customizable paper bags that are commonly used by both large and small retail stores. Even bags are complimentary with online shopping ship products. Merchandise bags come in a variety of colors, and you can further customize them by printing the logo to promote the brand.

  • ● Euro Tote Bags

Despite the fact that the euro tote is a paper bag, recycling it can be difficult due to the use of plastic lining and metalized inks in some cases. These bags, on the other hand, are quite durable and can be reused several times, making them preferable to single-use plastic. Many large brands have switched from plastic bags to Euro totes, primarily because they provide much better brand visibility. These bags are also an excellent alternative to traditional gift packaging.

  • ● D- cut Paper Bags

D-cut bags are shopping bags that have a hole cut in the bag to serve as a handle. Plastics, biodegradable materials, or non-woven fabrics can all be used to make them and used to transport lightweight, flat-natured goods. Malls and department stores frequently use this bag format and are easily personalized and branded as needed.

  • ● Wax-coated Bakery Bags

These wax-coated bakery bags come in a variety of shapes. They can take the form of a small L-folder in which you can hold your pretzel or cookie, or they can take the form of an envelope in which you can pack cookies. The inner lining keeps the food fresh on the inside by maintaining ideal conditions.

  • ● Mailing Bags

These are the bags most commonly used for e-commerce shipment purposes. Many small items with detailed retail packaging come in paper mailing bags. Some have a self-adhesive strip for easy sealing as well as a thin inner cloth lining for tear resistance.


There are large varieties of paper bags available that serve different purposes. If you are looking for paper bags for brand promotion or visibility then kraft paper bags with handles are an ideal choice. You can also customize it according to your specification and needs.

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