Why Do Both Men and Women Enjoy Sex?

Sex feels different for everyone, but it can be a great source of pleasure. Depending on the person, satisfaction may be highly physical, or it might be emotional.

For most people, sex is a form of bonding and intimacy. It can also be a great source of pain relief.

It’s a Form of Bonding

Sex often feels suitable for men because it’s a way to bond with their partners deeper. It could also be a way for them to affirm their attractiveness and stamina, says Amanda Pasciucco, a certified sex therapist in New York City.

One reason that sex can feel good is that it boosts a hormone called oxytocin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for reducing stress, counteracting depression, and increasing trust.

When a couple has committed and expressed their love to each other before having sexual intimacy, the experience is perceived as a positive turning point in the relationship.

However, if couples haven’t been practicing safer sex, having barrier-free sex can increase their risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). This is why STI testing should be done before fluid bonding. And it’s also important to remember that it’s not always necessary to exchange fluids to have great intimacy, as evidenced by the many long-term relationships that have been able to thrive without exchanging body fluids. There’s also virtual sex, where two or more people engage in sexual activity while exchanging explicit information over the phone, the internet, or even some interactive pornographic forms like teen cam girls.

It’s a Form of Exercise

Getting your daily dose of exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. It can boost your mood, make you feel more confident and help keep weight gain at bay.

It can also increase your energy levels, improve sleep and reduce stress. It’s also good for your heart and lungs, so it will get your blood pumping more efficiently.

A regular fitness routine also keeps your insulin levels and your hormones balanced. That helps keep your sex drive in action and can prevent erectile dysfunction.

In addition, it can help reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and other ailments. And it can even reduce depression.

It can help your body produce the natural feel-good chemicals it needs to fight off stress, such as dopamine and oxytocin. This can also boost your confidence and make sex feel more rewarding.

It’s a Form of Intimacy

Intimacy is a healthy feeling that enables relationships to flourish. It allows partners or friends to connect on a deeper level than superficial connections often do, says therapist, speaker, and author Dr. Lauren Cook.

She believes intimacy is vital to all relationships, but it can be especially beneficial for those with mental health issues. For example, people with an avoidant personality disorder or other socially related conditions might fear intimacy interfering with their ability to build strong relationships.

If this applies to you, don’t let it prevent you from developing a close relationship with someone. You can cultivate intimacy in several ways, including talking about your emotions and giving each other space to be vulnerable.

It’s a Form of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a skill that allows you to open up and express your feelings to others. Taking the time to practice vulnerability with your partner can help you build trust, foster empathy, and strengthen your bond.

Men and women both benefit from being vulnerable. It helps you connect with others, work through your traumas, and develop a stronger sense of self.

Sex can be an excellent opportunity to share your emotions with another person. However, knowing when you should show more vulnerability and when more distance might be appropriate is essential.

In some cases, sharing your emotions with someone can be challenging, especially if you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse or used substances to numb your feelings. This is where therapy can be beneficial. Having the courage to let your guard down with a mental health professional can help you work through your emotions and get closer to others.

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