Complete Guide about Leveling Kits

If you want to give your vehicle a more aggressive look and improve its off-road capabilities without breaking the bank, a leveling kit may be the solution you need. In this article, we’ll explore what leveling kits are, how they work, and the benefits of installing one on your vehicle. Go with KSP leveling kits here.

leveling kits

What is a Leveling Kit?

A leveling kit is a suspension upgrade to raise the front of your vehicle to match the height of the back. Many trucks and SUVs come from the factory with a “raked” stance, meaning the back of the car sits higher than the front. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, fitting larger tires or navigating rough terrain can be challenging. Leveling kits address this issue by lifting the front of the vehicle by a few inches, resulting in a more level stance.

How Does a Leveling Kit Work?

Leveling kits are typically installed using spacers or strut extensions. Spacers are placed on top of the factory strut assembly, while strut extensions are used to replace the factory strut assembly altogether. Both methods are relatively simple and can be installed in a few hours, making them an excellent DIY project for the mechanically inclined.

Benefits of Installing a Leveling Kit

Improved Appearance: Leveling kits give your vehicle a more aggressive and leveled look, improving its overall appearance.

Increased Ground Clearance: By raising the front of your vehicle, a leveling kit provides more ground clearance, allowing you to navigate rough terrain and obstacles with greater ease.

Accommodate Larger Tires: A leveling kit creates more space in the wheel well, allowing you to fit larger tires for a more aggressive look and better off-road performance.

Better Towing and Hauling: Leveling your vehicle can improve your vehicle’s towing and hauling capabilities by leveling out the weight distribution and improving suspension performance.

Improved Handling: By leveling your vehicle, you can improve its handling characteristics, reducing body roll and improving stability. Must look at


While leveling kits can provide numerous benefits to your vehicle, there are also some drawbacks. Here are a few potential drawbacks of installing a leveling kit:

  1. Handling: While leveling kits can improve your vehicle’s handling, they can also negatively impact it if not installed correctly. The change in suspension geometry can cause increased body roll, reduced stability, and reduced steering response, especially at higher speeds.
  2. Ride Comfort: The stiffer suspension and altered geometry can cause a rougher ride, especially on bumpy or uneven roads. This can stay particularly noticeable if you’re to the smooth factory ride of your vehicle.
  3. Wear and Tear: Installing a leveling kit can stress other parts of your vehicle, including the ball joints, tie rod ends, and steering components. Over time, this added stress can lead to premature wear and even failure of these parts.
  4. Warranty Void: Installing a leveling kit on your vehicle can void the manufacturer’s warranty. This is because it alters the original design of the suspension and can cause potential issues down the line.
  5. Off-Road Performance: While they can improve off-road performance in some ways, such as increasing ground clearance, they can also decrease it in others. Altering the suspension can negatively impact approach and departure angles and articulation, which can be crucial when navigating challenging terrain.


If you’re looking to improve your vehicle’s appearance and off-road capabilities, a leveling kit may be the answer you’re looking for you. With simple installation, cost-effective pricing, and numerous benefits, leveling kits are an excellent choice for those looking to make a few suspension upgrades without breaking the bank. Just make sure to choose a kit compatible with your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during installation for the best results.

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