NEBOSH International General Certificate Training In Multan

The NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate) is a leading health and safety degree that is recognized globally. It will enable you to be recognized across the world for your health and safety experience and understanding. This certification gives a set of practical relevant skills to both employers and employees who pursue the NEBOSH certificate.


The learner will be prepared to Understand because the foundations of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System by the end of the course.

  • Learn their Effective Health and Safety Management System’s function and obligations.
  • Recognize the risks in your profession and job.
  • Know the fundamentals of workplace health and safety and how to ensure safety.

Subject Matter

IG1 and IG2 are the two sections of the NEBOSH IGC course in Multan.
Each unit is given its own score.


Worldwide Health and Safety Management (IG1)


  • Why is workplace health and safety so important?
  • What are the functions and appearance of health and safety management systems?
  • Considering people and processes when it comes to risk management
  • Constantly reviewing health and safety


Risk evaluation (IG2)


  • Health, both physical and mental
  • Musculoskeletal health is a term used to describe the state of one’s muscular
  • Elements that are chemical or biological
  • Occupational concerns in general
  • specialized tools
  • Fire
  • Electricity

Individuals involved

Everyone who has health and safety obligations and obligations at work and wants to be known globally for their comprehensive knowledge and comprehension of these topics. Also appropriate for individuals considering a career in health and safety.
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The NEBOSH IGC course includes health and safety concepts, workplace danger detection and tracking, and practical ability to apply knowledge. Where necessary and suitable, local legislation and cultural issues may be included in the study curriculum. Importantly, because the course’s actual component requires students to conduct a health and safety examination of their work and submit a report to management with suggestions.

The diploma covers the following major topics:

  • The significance of health and safety management systems, as well as their major components.
  • Threat assessment principles and practice.
  • The detection of workplace risks such as those related to general workplace concerns, fire, and electrical, among others.
  • Control options for recognized workplace risks.
  • Exemptions and entry criteria

Conditions for entry

This certification has no entrance requirements. However, it is vital that students grasp and explain the purpose contained in the curriculum in the language in which the course will be delivered and assessed.
NEBOSH in Multan advises that students succeed with a minimum proficiency in English comparable to an International English Language Testing System score of 6.0 or above on IELTS assessments when taking courses in English.

Please refer to the most recent edition of the IELTS Handbook or because the IELTS website for more information.
The British Council and IELTS websites both include a chart that maps IELTS results to the Common.

European Framework for Languages

The IELTS FAQ page contains information about completing the exam for students who want to measure their own language skills.


IG1 and IG2 are the two parts of the International General Certificate.

Unit IGC1 exemptions are available from:

  • Mark obtained Unit IGC1 of the Global Certification in Fire Safety and Risk Management.
  • Mark obtained Unit IGC1 of the World Diploma in Construction Health and Safety.
  • The Professional Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety’s because Unit IA restricted at 45 percent. More information may found in the FAQs.

Unit GC2 has exemptions accessible from:

Mark obtained Unit GC2 or NGC2 of “The National Certificate in Health & safety

Enrolment for digital assessments has been verified

NEBOSH IGC course will send you a Verification of Enrolment email with your student number and crucial sufficient evidence when your learning partner has registered you for an online exam. Please double-check your spelling and notify your training partner and NEBOSH if any corrections needed. Please try to check your spam boxes if you haven’t got this email.

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