The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) is at an all-time high. Hospitals and home health companies are hiring CNAs in high numbers and paying competitive wages. With this strong job market outlook, now is a great time to consider becoming a CNA. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come with being a CNA.

Opportunities for Growth

Being a CNA gives you access to numerous career opportunities. Many CNAs go on to pursue advanced degrees in nursing, such as RN or BSN programs. Those who choose to remain as CNAs often have opportunities for promotions within their current organization or can explore new opportunities elsewhere. A strong background as a CNA will open doors for you in the healthcare industry and give you the chance to further your career.

Competitive Wages and Benefits

Certified Nursing Assistants who work in hospitals and home health agencies typically receive competitive wages and comprehensive benefits packages. Depending on where you work, you could be eligible for health insurance, dental insurance, vacation days, sick pay, and other various incentives like bonus pay or tuition reimbursement programs. As the demand continues to rise, so too do wages and benefits packages continue to become more generous—making now the perfect time to enter this field.  

Flexible Schedule Options

For those looking for flexible schedule options that allow them to manage their own hours while still pursuing their career goals, becoming a CNA can provide just that. You can choose from part-time or full-time positions depending on what best meets your needs. You also have control over which shifts you work—day shift or night shift—and how many days per week you work. Additionally, most organizations offer paid training courses that put no strain on your current schedule if you decide to become certified.  


The demand for Certified Nursing Assistants shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon—so now is definitely the time to consider entering into this rewarding field. In addition to offering excellent career prospects, CNAs typically have access to good wages and benefits packages as well as flexible schedules that allow them control over their hours worked each week. With all these advantages making it easier than ever before to pursue this profession, why not make becoming a CNA your next step?

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