6 Customer Feedback Questions Every Business Should Ask In Their Survey

Are you asking the apt questions to your customers? 

Do you know that your survey questions matter a lot when it comes to driving out feedback from your target and existing customers? Once you start asking the right questions, you start gaining correct insight into how people perceive your brand. This will further help you to improve the customer experience. 

As a business owner, one must be aware that customer feedback is not mere validation. Rather, it is about respecting your customers’ needs and wants. A set of brief customer reviews examples can help you out with what you want to know from your customers. 

So, if you are struggling with the idea of questions you need to ask your customers, don’t worry, we have got your back. 

In this blog, we will provide you with six pieces of feedback questions that you need to include in your next survey. So let’s start with the benefits of the questions and then move on to the real questions.  

But How Can Questions Help? 

While many business strategists might focus on gaining feedback, it is also essential to ask the right questions. It is also important, especially when you want to know a specific answer. You should understand that simply making a customer persona cannot fix everything for your business. You need to communicate with your customers. And this is where the right questions can help you. 

When you ask them about what they are dealing with, whether it is regarding your product or services, it makes them feel you are constantly working to make the business relationship work better. Have you wondered to have a look at the customer reviews examples of other brands? If not, here are the handpicked questions you need to ask your customers. 

1. Would You Recommend Us To Your Friends Or Colleagues? 

This question has become the bedrock of all customer surveys. And trust us, it has been asked so many times that it is now taken for granted by business owners as well as customers. However, over time we have buried the importance of the question. 

But, know that this particular question helps you know whether your job is worth talking about. Asking this question to your customers is to sense whether they are ready for word-of-mouth marketing. 

With all the online platforms available today, it has become easy to tarnish the reputation of any brand. But the presence of customers who are ready to recommend your business to others can beat this negative publicity. 

2. What Changes In Our Products Or Services Did You Wish We Had? 

A part of delivering extremely good services depends on customer satisfaction. And as a business owner, if you want to stay relevant in the industry, you need to ask what your customers want and need. Your ultimate goal is to make your customers happy. At the same time, creating a customer-centric company can be intimidating. But, you’re learning curve can go up, when you pay attention to the changes needed in your business. 

And asking your customers directly about it can make the process smoother and easier. To steer the question in the right direction, you can also provide them with options for changes. Such as, asking them whether they want to see the changes in prices, functionality or shopping process. 

By asking such questions, not only are you making things easier for you but also empowering them to have a say in your business. 

3. How Did You Hear About Us? 

If you are getting started with the survey, this question will help you find out where your customers come from. This will help you to create a clear buyer persona for your business. Besides, it is a great question. The responses will enable you to figure out whether your marketing campaigns are running well. This will further help you know what platform you need to focus on when it comes to branding.   

For example, you may be getting more conversions from your Twitter rather than your Instagram ads. In such a case, you need to work on your Instagram profile. In short, knowing where your customer came from will help you redefine your marketing strategy. 

4. Did We Meet Your Expectations? 

Asking a customer whether you have met their expectations can be daunting at times. This question may reveal some harshest truths related to your products or services. Know that when a business meets its customer’s expectations, it boosts sales, and gets higher customer retention rates and brand loyalty. 

So if you wish to build a business, you must be willing to take the extra mile for your customers. When you ask them such questions, you open doors for brutal honest comments. If you are not planning to launch a survey shortly, you can refer to some of your old customer’s reviews examples. This will enable you to know whether you have met the expectations of your customers. Once you have gathered all the grievances, you can work on them to make the services better. Such reviews will help you gather a wide range of customer reviews examples, which will further help you in your marketing gimmicks.  

5. If You Were Unhappy With The Experience, What Can We Do to Get You to Come Back?

Not every time you’re happy customers will answer your survey. Chances are your unhappy customers will also write your surveys. And your job is to value your happy customers as well as your unhappy customers. 

When you are creating surveys, this is one of the most important customers you need to ask. This helps you mend your ways when you have an unhappy customer or have lost a customer. You should also work on the suggestions you have got.  Here are the sample questions that you can ask your customers. 

  • If you could change one thing about our brand what would you like to change? 
  • We have updated a few things in our products and services, could we reach out to you to have a talk with you about this? 
  1. How Was Your Experience Interacting with The Staff? 

Chances are you doing everything great, but still losing customers. Chances are your customers are facing issues with the staff and find no way to reach out to you. 

In such a situation, to detect the loophole, you can also include this question in your survey. By asking this question, you are more likely to experience the entire interaction from a customer’s point of view. 

As a business owner, you should whether your customer was treated properly or were their questions answered. Once you know the loophole, you can fix it to make the relationship work better. Now that you are aware of most of the basic questions, have a look at where you can put these questions to get the maximum attention of your customers. 

How To Place These Questions In Front Of Your Customers? 

As a business owner, there are myriads of questions you can ask your customers. But, it is not the quantity, but the quality that matters. You need to ask questions that can change the quality of your business.  

You can include these questions as a part of your survey forms. You can also ask these questions in the email and provide them with a link to your Google reviews page. Your customers will answer the questions they resonate with the most. Google Reviews, the most convenient platform, will ease the entire process for you as well as your customers. 

Later on, you can also display Google review widget on the website. This will help you secure social proof for your business. 

In A Nutshell

As a business owner, you have to have the right amount of curiosity for your customers. And hence, you should ask them the right set of questions. If your marketing strategy is currently not allowing you to launch a survey, you can go through the customer reviews examples and pick the pain points your customers might be suffering and solve them. 

Remember that working with feedback is an all-time job for your business. And with that in mind, make sure you display the Google review widget on the website. Or else, what will be the point of collecting feedback if you aren’t flaunting them?

Once you have completed these two tasks, all you have to do is receive the fruits of your business goals.

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