Must-Try Unicorn Food in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

What’s the end of the rainbow? Unicorn food is the hottest trend for this year!

Rainbows, glitters stars and sprinkles are the main ingredients of colorful delights or the so-called unicorn food. These visually-focused food trends were inspired by Instagram and social media and spread to Malaysia and Singapore in 2016 and 2017.

Rainbow bagels and cakes were the first to catch on as colorful food trends. The trend quickly grew to unicorn grilled cheese, and dyed lattes. Starbucks introduced the Unicorn Frappuccino to their secret menu.

You don’t have to miss these rainbow foods? These are just a few of the many cafes that offer unicorn food and drinks that can be found in Johor Bahru. This is a list of places where you can find colorful food that is really photogenic and well worth a try.

1.Maco Cafe & Bakery

Maco Cafe & Bakery specializes on traditional French pastries, desserts, and coffee. This cafe is both a coffee shop and a gallery for art and design. You can relax and socialize with your loved ones while sipping a great cup of hand-brewed coffee.

The Rainbow Mille Crepe of Maco Café & Bakery is highly recommended by customers and staff. Its photogenic appearance as well as its delicious taste might surprise you. This mille crepe cake, which is made up of 30 layers of colorful, pan-cooked mille crepes, required repetitive work but it’s colorful enough to be a meditation.

Each color of Rainbow Mille Crepes is made up of three to four mille crepes of a similar colour. The mille crepes can then be layered with fresh cream and chilled to set.

It is made with chocolate rice and coated on its surface. This gives it a chocolatey taste and a rough texture that complements the Rainbow Mille Crepes at Maco Cafe & Bakery.

2. Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

Seventh Oaks Bakery Cafe is both a bakery and restaurant located in a beautiful building. They offer delicious pastries, desserts and savory meals. This cafe can be easily spotted from the street by its beautiful exterior.

Their unique combination of flavors and decorations make their desserts and food photogenic. It is highly recommended that you try their Rainbow Cakes as they are part of the rainbow series desserts.

Six layers of colorful sponge cakes were sandwiched with a light whipped cream. Although their Rainbow Cakes may look simple, you might be surprised by its strong vanilla scent and smooth texture.

If you’re looking for a rainbow cake to serve at parties, it is advisable to order their Unicorn Rainbow Cake. This cake is adorable with its unicorn-like appearance and colorful sponge cakes fillings. It will light up any party.

3. Moonlight Cake House

Moonlight Cake House, with more than 20 locations in Malaysia, is a well-known bakery cafe that serves great products for both tourists and locals. This bakery cafe isn’t the only one who will be following the rainbow food trend.

Moonlight Cake House still offers their Rainbow macaroon to all their guests, even though the trend for rainbow foods has faded. Their Rainbow Macaroon is so popular because they offer seven colors of the rainbow as well as three additional colors: light brown, white, and creamy white.

Their Rainbow Macaroons contain only natural ingredients, and no artificial flavoring or coloring.

These are the flavors of macaroons:

•              Red – Strawberry

•              Orange – Oranges

•              Yellow – Peanut

•              Green – Green Tea

•              Blue – Blueberries

•              Purple – Sweet Passion

•              Light Brown – Cocoa Powder and Converture Chocolate

•              Creamy white – Coffee, Butter Cream

•              White – Cheese

These Rainbow Macaroons are available in two sizes. You can choose the size that suits your taste and preferences. The large portion contains nine macaroons, while the smaller portion has four.

You might also like the classic Rainbow Cake, even if macaroons don’t appeal to you. The Rainbow Cake is similar to the regular Rainbow Cake. It consists of six layers made up of sponge cakes in a variety of colors. The fresh cream sandwich isn’t too sweet.

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