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Betting in sports is not just a matter of luck as most people believe it is. Many people trust their sixth sense and bet on a team or player they feel will win. These guesses turn out to be accurate at times, but they can also be false. Unfortunately, a wrong guess can cause you to lose a lot of money, especially if you decided to go all in. 

According to Alex Parlay, the founder of Plays That Pay, the betting game in sports has nothing to do with luck. Instead, it always involves a careful analysis of the past games of a team and their opponents and studying the numbers. By sticking to this method and trusting the best to do their job, you will be able to learn millions. 

Plays That Pay is a Sports Consulting Service that analyzes trends in the sports industry, gather statistics and assesses every athlete’s performance to accurately predict the outcome of a game. The result: with the guidance of the firm, people can place bets that lead to a profit rather than a loss.

Of course, the reason for the success of the firm is its founder who had the vision to form a company that was different from the rest. The idea struck Alex Parlay since he was obsessed with sports from a young age and was fond of playing games such as football, basketball, and baseball. In every game, he focused on finding an edge over his competitor and that was the beginning of it all.

Over time he realized that finding an advantage required studying the opponent extensively and finding their weakness. This skill was later on strengthened when he achieved an MBA degree and learned the art of studying analytics. “I knew that I had a gift for this business,” Alex Parlay shares. Growing up, not only did I find joy in discovering my opponents’ weaknesses, but I also did very well at predicting which teams would win. I always felt like I noticed things others didn’t. The facial expressions of a player before the game, their body language, the pace at which they walked, etc,” he adds.

Knowing that his talents could help others earn a good amount, Alex launched Plays That Pay. Though the company was launched a few years back, Alex himself has been sports handicapping for over 15 years! Hence, they are consistent in their predictions and have gained the trust of a large number of clients. 

Plays That Pay’s success lies in their predictions which is based on their unique strategy where they dig into the history of each team and its players. They also study the rest days of a team, the number of injured players, the venue, weather, starting lineups, and much more. They even go as far as analyzing the psychology of the team which is greatly intensified based on their level of motivation.

The company then runs simulations to determine which team has the strongest chance of performing well and winning. After all the research, a card for the day is put together to display the picks. The final step is emailing the picks to the clients at least two hours before the game starts so they can successfully place their bets. “We put in the time and look at every detail possible,” Alex explains. “A lot of our competitors choose their picks off instincts. We believe that’s a disservice to clients, and we do our homework every day to ensure our success rate continues to increase.”

Seeing the current success of Plays That Pay, Alex Parlay’s only regret is that he didn’t start the business sooner. He believes that if he had started it five years or so ago, the company would have grown much bigger. However, since the firm managed to succeed even when the Covid pandemic had destroyed numerous businesses, we believe Alex Parlay has ample triumphs coming his way in the near future. “From selecting the right picks to marketing to potential clients, all the way to celebrating with clients after my picks win; I love it all,” he shares excitedly.

Yearning to be a part of the billion-dollar industry? Seek out help from Plays That Play, and receive guidance regarding bets on teams including NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

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