Squarespace vs Bluehost

Bluehost is great at handling all the hosting-related work, while Squarespace is the one-stop solution for creating a site to run it smoothly. It can do all.

Bluehost is the go-to option for hosting, as it scores 4.5 out of 5 due to its affordable plans and extra features. On the other hand, Squarespace is the perfect option for website building as it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Its score speaks about its user-friendly interface and amazing design.

However, a better alternative is Fynd Platform, which has affordable hosting plans and helps you run your site smoothly and lower your burden. It is one of the best website builders on the planet at the best affordable cost.

Keep reading to know more about Squarespace vs Bluehost.

Ease of Use

In terms of easy-to-use, Bluehost vs Squarespace, Squarespace wins.

Bluehost is an easy-to-use and great hosting platform, but Squarespace is a go-to option for those who need to learn the basics and want to build the site from zero.

When comparing Bluehost vs Squarespace, it’s difficult as both offer something different.

Bluehost is much easier than the other hosting providers, and Its dashboard is efficient to navigate and offers great customer support. Moreover, you can easily get WordPress from your Bluehost dashboard. 

Squarespace is a complicated website builder with many features but good ratings and ranks per the research. It will take a little time to become good at using Squarespace.

For building your website easily, then opt for Squarespace. No doubt, it’s a complicated website builder compared to others in the market. But it makes the process of building a site so smooth and easy.

Pricing and Value for Money

Bluehost has better-paid plans and offers value for money compared to Squarespace. Bluehost is a pocket-friendly option available online.

Square space is preferred as its one-stop shop, while Bluehost has basic features.

Let’s have a look at their yearly plan!

Bluehost’s paid plan starts from $2.95 per month. It offers space on its servers and must-have tools such as bandwidth and storage space. It comes up with a domain name too.

Squarespace’s paid plan starts from $16 per month. With this plan, you can easily create your site using any template hosted on the Squarespace server. It also includes a free domain.

Website builder comparison

Squarespace has a ton of features which makes it the best website builder. On the other hand, Bluehost is good for making a site in no time. In comparison between Bluehost vs Squarespace, Squarespace is the winner.

Website builders are saviours for people who need to learn more about the site’s technical area. Website builders are a one-stop shop.

The only option is WordPress if you are willing to use Bluehost, which has its website builder and works well.

But Bluehost has a limited number of templates to choose from library.

Bluehost builder doesn’t come up with templates; however, it allows you to choose colours, fonts, and images and makes the layout as you want.

When it’s done, with the help of an easy-to-use editor easy to use, you can make it better.

Bluehost can be considered a WordPress plugin. When you start liking the simple interface, you will get many benefits.

On the other hand, Squarespace is the winner; hence it’s the most powerful website builder. For beginners, it has more than a hundred templates. There is much hard work required to make different templates with uniqueness.

 Apart from uniqueness, these templates are responsive too, which means they will work properly on every device from mobile to laptop.

Squarespace can be easy and tough to use simultaneously, as per your choice. You have to replace the pictures and texts simply.

Website speed

Website is really important to main. If the site gets slow, users get irritated and quit the site.

Website builders are known for poor optimisations, so seeing who will win and how Squarespace holds up against Bluehost will be fun.

To better understand the results, you should know the metrics.

The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) should take at least 2.5 seconds, showing the time when most of the content is loaded.

Fully Loaded Time is considered best; the time should be within 3 seconds. 

TTFB is when the server needs to react when opening a web page. 200m is considered perfect, but it’s not compulsory.

However, the Largest Contentful Paint and Fully Loaded Time of Bluehost are 1.8 seconds. No doubt it’s a great result, but there is a risk of mistakes too.

However, Bluehost takes around one second to respond, which makes page load time longer, or you can spot better results.

On the other side, Squarespace is faster, having 1.3 LCP, with a deadly load time of around 2.3 seconds. But it is also considered a good result.

Even better, the server was super quick to react initially, with TTFB at 82ms. Sadly, there was some 536ms blocking time, delaying the overall page load.

Both Bluehost and Squarespace load real quick, but they also lack factors. Bluehost servers have a slow speed of responding. On the other hand, Squarespace doesn’t have some Optimization which makes the page loading slow.


Squarespace has a great security team that plays a huge role in developing, implementing, and maintaining the security and safety of Squarespace.

It has a recovery plan which is tested every year, and results are maintained.

When security is concerned, most people choose website builders depending on security; however, Squarespace has great security measures.

It provides an SSL certificate and password for a user account. Moreover, it emphasises WAF technology.

On the other hand, Bluehost has made security it’s a priority as they have applied multiple measures.

They use different tactics, such as Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam, to keep your content safe and give you the option to add extra features.

The login details are so confident; however, they are secure with Bluehost. When you log in to the account, you can easily change the username and password.

It provides a free SSL certificate with different hosting plans. These hosting plans will add’ HTTPS to your website.


When it’s come to hosting comparison, Squarespace and Bluehost do well at their places.

But one point to focus on is that Squarespace is a website builder with hosting, but Bluehost is a hosting provider that allows you to make a site. That’s why it’s quite obvious to spot differences between hosting plans.

In the basic plan of Bluehost, you get a domain and SSL certificate. This basic plan allows you to create five email accounts and one site.

You will also get $100 marketing credits for Google Ads and $100 for Microsoft advertising.

If you transition to the Plus plan, you can create unlimited websites and Gmail accounts. Not only this but with this plus plan, you will be allowed to use Spam Experts for one domain.

The Choice Plus plan has all the features. What makes it different from others? It has free domain privacy and provides protection. The most important feature is automated backups.

The last and most expensive plan is Bluehost’s Pro plan. It comes with IP and a premium SSL certificate. Moreover, it permits you to use Spam Experts on two domains.


However, both Bluehost and Squarespace have some great features at their places. But when it comes to paid plans, everyone considers which option is more pocket friendly. Bluehost has some amazing budget-friendly paid plans.

On the other hand, Squarespace has several templates, considered an all-in-one website builder.

Lastly, both options are great in their places. But it depends on your needs. It has great customer support.

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