3 Reddit Features You Don’t Know

Before you start navigating through Reddit, you might want to learn a few of the features that make the site so awesome. Read on to learn how to Star other users, Offline browse, and create a subreddit. Then get started. It is easy to get started, and you’ll have plenty of fun exploring! Hopefully, this information will help you navigate Reddit like a pro!

Offline browsing

Offline browsing on Reddit is a handy way to read your favorite subreddits without being online. The app is available for Android and allows you to download subreddits to your device. You can even choose which subreddits and images to download, and you can even set a limit for how many images you want to download. Offline browsing on Reddit is a great way to save bandwidth since the app takes up only 1MB of your phone’s memory.

There are several ways to enjoy Reddit while offline. Reddit Offline is a free app that pre-downloads text posts, photos, videos, Imgur albums, and Reddit comments. You can schedule downloads to occur at specific times of the day. Here is the direct link to the Reddit video downloader. The app also offers scheduled downloads. Offline browsing on Reddit isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel left out.

Favorite subreddits

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, who spends his time trawling the front page of the internet, has revealed his favorite subreddits. The CEO, known as “spez” on Reddit, categorizes self-governing communities into three categories: AskReddit, IAmA, and the newest addition: Spongebob Squarepants. Here you can discuss anything and chat with other Reddit users. You can even share your positive news, which may surprise you.

You can spend hours on Reddit reading and browsing through its subreddits. Subreddits are online communities where like-minded individuals discuss topics related to their interests and careers. Most subreddits have subreddits dedicated to specific topics. Some are dedicated to news, games, remote work, or any other topic. Reddit users share text, photos, and videos.

Creating a subreddit

When creating a subreddit on Redditch, you must select a name for your community. This will appear in the subreddit URL. Choose a name that is between three and twenty characters long. The name cannot contain special characters, trademarked names, or spaces. You will also need to provide a short description. Subreddits are typically created for specific topics.

Most Redditors are curious and engaging, so building a community isn’t as difficult as you may think. After creating a subreddit, you should promote it. You can promote your subreddit through one of the dedicated subreddits on Reddit. Moderators also support these subreddits. You can learn more about creating a subreddit by reading some of the following information.

Once your subreddit has many members, you’ll want to decide how it should function. A public subreddit is open to everyone, while a private subreddit is accessible only to people who have been approved to be moderators. Several subreddits have strict rules. You’ll want to have a moderator willing to enforce the rules. For example, r/science has more than 26 million members and offers legitimate resources. Currently, r/science requires moderators to have a Bachelor’s degree.

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