Importance of Healthcare Management in UAE

What is health management?

Simply put, healthcare management is the management of the day-to-day operations of a hospital or clinic. It refers to the harmonious coordination, organization, and supervision between doctors, staff, and patients to ensure the best care and treatment of patients.

A hospital administrator, also known as a hospital administrator, patient manager, or practice manager, is usually responsible for overseeing all aspects of the hospital and ensuring that they are aligned with the overall goals of the hospital. At that time, the duties of the director of the hospital were performed by senior specialists. However, that is no longer the case. The challenges caused by technological progress and advancements in healthcare have created an absolute need for professional hospital administrators!

What does a hospital administrator do in UAE?

Now that we’ve explained what healthcare means to you, it’s time to explain precisely what hospital administrators do. From patient registration to appointment scheduling, document management, consultation management, laboratory management, medication safety, reporting, staffing, and outpatient care, hospital administrators manage everything efficiently and effectively.

A professional hospital manager ensures that patients receive high-quality care 24/7 without interruptions.

Hospitals and medical centers always try to provide the best services to patients. However, achieving this goal is difficult without professional hospital and practice managers. Working with different departments and hundreds of patients who come for different procedures daily becomes a big challenge for hospital management.

Some hospitals still rely on outdated systems that involve manual labor and cumbersome paperwork. The problem with paper-based health management is that everything is everywhere. Important data or checks may be lost. There is always the possibility of new errors and patients not having access to their information.

This does not happen with a professional hospital manager. This is not to say that hospital administrators are infallible supermen.

They study the challenges facing modern medical institutions and are well prepared to solve them. They have the necessary skills and knowledge for modern hospital conditions.

How much do hospital administrators earn in UAE?

Doctors and surgeons make the most money in healthcare, but that doesn’t leave hospital administrators alone. A hospital administrator performs and manages many tasks simultaneously.

In 2018, the UAE was ranked among the top 10 health systems in the world. In the same year, health spending in the UAE reached $18.2 billion, according to the UAE Ministry of Health.

This information shows that there is a lot of potential in the healthcare industry in the UAE, and anyone who pursues a career in this industry will earn a lot of money and earn thousands of dollars!

However, the money you earn as a hospital administrator depends on many factors.

Let’s discuss them one by one.


The most important thing is qualification. Hospitals are more likely to hire someone with a professional medical degree, and if the degree is from a recognized and accredited institution in the UAE, that’s a bonus!

An accredited degree in hospital management can help you land a high-paying job in one of the UAE’s best hospitals. 


Another factor that affects your salary as a hospital administrator is geography. Almost every country has a higher-paying job for the same profession. For example, there is a shortage of hospital managers in Abu Dhabi, so that you can earn more in Abu Dhabi than in Dubai.

You can also get a high-paying job by visiting famous hospitals in UAE. Hospitals with significant healthcare costs often have higher income brackets for their employee.

System size

The size of the company and the hospital, in this case, can affect how much you are paid as a healthcare administrator. Larger and better-known healthcare facilities are likely to charge more than smaller hospitals. 


The position is another factor that affects your salary as a hospital administrator. A senior hospital manager earns more than an intern or someone at an executive level. The position directly depends on your earning potential. The higher the rank, the more money you will earn.


As for work experience, the more companies in your name, the better, and if you have worked in famous hospitals, put the cherry on top.

The best job opportunities in the UAE for healthcare management professionals. A basic hospital manager with 1 to 4 years of experience earns an average of AED 122,000 yearly. This amount includes all tips, bonuses, and overtime. A hospital manager with decades of experience typically earns AED 98,000 annually, including all performance bonuses, tips, and overtime.

You have to wonder why hospital administrators with more experience are paid less than those with less experience. The truth is that the healthcare sector has come a long way in recent years. Hospitals are looking for hospital leaders who understand how modern hospitals work and how to optimize operations to fulfill the hospital’s mission and vision.

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