Zazu Movement – History of Hip Hop in Nigeria

The zaza movement is a form of indigenous rap in Nigeria that is sweeping the nation. A Yoruba-born rapper, Portable Omolalomi is a father of two boys who has been in the music industry for several years. His latest single, “Zazuu Zeh”, has already gone viral.

zaza movement is a form of indigenous rap in Nigeria

Rap has been present in Nigeria for several decades. Originally a form of commercial music, hip hop has evolved to include lyrical chops delivered in native languages. This article explores the history of hip hop in Nigeria, and the impact it has had on a marginalised society.

Zazu movement is an example of indigenous rap in Nigeria. It’s a style of rapping in Yoruba. This style of rap music has become popular in Nigeria. It was created by Portable Omolalomi, a musician based on the Lagos Island. He raps in Yoruba and has collaborated with popular Nigerian musicians including Olamide and Poco Lee. He stands 5 feet and seven inches tall and weighs 58kg.

Habeeb Okikiola is a Yoruba rapper

Habeeb Okikiola, otherwise known as Portable, is a Yoruba rapper who lives in Lagos. He got his start as a kid, rapping in Yoruba. His popularity began to grow as he was influenced by American rap artists. He would listen to these artists on his father’s audio cassette player. The song Zazu Zeh, which he wrote and performed, became a hit in Nigeria. Before he became famous, Portable was unknown in the Nigerian music scene. Then a video of him thanking Olamide for a verse on his song “Zazoo Zehh”, went viral on the internet.

Portable Okikiola was born on March 12th 1994. He has two sons, and hails from a Muslim family in Ogun State. Although he is of Yoruba ethnicity, he was unable to complete his secondary school. His popular song “Zazu Zeh” features Olamide and Poco Lee.

The singer first gained fame with his song “Zazu Zeh”. After the song became popular, he was introduced to top Nigerian rapper Olamide by his manager, Poco Lee. Olamide invited him to record a song with him the next day. While trying to make it big in the Nigerian music industry, he kept his day-to-day 9-to-5 job. Still, his passion for making Yoruba rap music grew.

After recording a few songs in Yoruba, Portable moved to Lagos to pursue his music career. He met artists such as Olamide, Davido, and Wizkid while living in the city. Soon, he was engulfed by the praise of fellow Yoruba rappers. The next step in his career was to become a manager.

Portable Omolalomi is a father of two boys

The Nigerian musician Portable Omolalomi is a father to two boys. He is currently expecting his third child. The musician has two boys from two different women. Omobewaji Oluwaferanmi, the second mother of Portable’s child, recently shared a video of him and his baby.

Although he attended some of the best public schools in Abeokuta, Omolalomi decided to take the vocational route rather than the academic route. He left Abeokuta to study in Lagos State. He was able to meet his musical idol, Olamide, and was inspired by him. When the two met, he burst into tears and knelt over Olamide’s knees.

Despite his success, he does not have a wife or a girlfriend. He is single and lives in Lekki Island, Lagos, with his two sons. His salary comes from endorsement deals, stage performances, and music. The singer’s net worth is estimated at N12 million to N25 million.

Despite his modest beginnings, Portable Omolalomi has managed to garner massive attention. In fact, the singer was introduced to the rapper Olamide by a popular Nigerian dancer Poco Lee. The two men collaborated on the song Zazuu Zeh, which became an instant hit. The song has become an industry buzzword, and Portable has been asked to collaborate with a wide range of artists.

A popular Yoruba rapper, Portable Omolalomi has become famous by releasing a song, ‘Zazuu Zeh,’ that features MC Oluomo and Poco Lee. The rapper was born into a Yoruba family and currently resides in Ogun State.

He has been in the music industry for many years

Despite his young age, Portable Zazu has been active in the music industry for years. Growing up in a Yoruba household, he became very familiar with the Yoruba language and was fascinated by the rap songs of popular rap artists. He also began to listen to American artists and composed rap songs of his own. In addition, he found his voice in Nigerian hip hop and decided to make music in his native tongue.

Although he has been active in the music industry for a long time, he has yet to release his own album. After collaborating with Olamide, he released his debut studio EP titled “Zazuu Zeh” in 2021. He later signed an endorsement deal with Obi Cubana’s Odogwu bitter firm. His song “Zazu” has spawned a slag that is popular on social media and on the streets.

Originally from Ogun State, Portable Zazu dropped out of school to focus on his music career. He has since worked with various celebrities, including Olamide, Tiwa Savage, and Small Doctor. His music has become incredibly popular, with his Instagram account growing from 20,000 followers to over half a million.

Since his first song, “Zazu Zeh,” Portable Zazu has been doing music for over ten years. He first rose to fame after being introduced to Olamide by his friend Poco Lee. The rapper then invited Portable to make a song with him.

Portable’s earnings range between US$30k and $100k, but NewsWireNGR has no way to independently verify this figure. However, his name has been making headlines in the music industry recently following a viral feud with Poco Lee, who featured him in the album “Zazu Zeh”. In the feud, Portable called out Poco Lee for stealing money from Nigerian Grammy winner Wizkid.

He is single

The singer, Portable, is a 27-year-old Nigerian who stumbled into fame with his song, “Zazu Zeh”. The song gradually won over the hearts of his fans, making it his most popular song. The singer was born in Abeokuta but has shifted to Sango-Ota in Ogun State. In addition to being popular, Portable has even met Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. He also married a lady in 2022 and has a child on the way.

Although he has been busy in the music industry, Portable has also been in trouble. The rapper once got into a street fight in Nairobi, Kenya, and apologized for his misdemeanour. In a viral video, Portable was seen engaging in a street fight and was reportedly resisted being taken away from the scene.

The rap singer’s single status has raised speculations about his personal life, and in fact, he may be single. It is also possible that he is currently in a relationship, but it has been kept private. The singer also revealed that he is the father of two boys.

Portable Omolalomi’s rise to fame happened by accident. He was introduced to the rapper, Olamide, through a popular Nigerian dancer, Poco Lee. Olamide featured the song “Zazu Zeh” and made Portable famous. His song, which has since become a street slang, has earned him praise from many Nigerians.

Portable Zazu grew up in Nigeria and is of Yoruba descent. He attended secondary school and started singing at a young age. He later worked in the music industry, releasing several other songs before Zazu Zeh. These songs included collaborations with Olamide and Poco lee. While this rapper has been in the industry for years, he has only recently started becoming popular with his latest single, “Zazu”.

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