A Look into the Various Jobs You Can Get with an Automotive Technology Degree

While it’s true that today’s cars are more technologically advanced than ever before, they’re also much more complicated to work on. That’s why many people prefer to go to a repair shop instead of attempting repairs themselves, even if the repairs are relatively simple ones. If you want to work on automobiles, an automotive technology degree from NEIT can provide you with the skills you need to do so effectively and efficiently and offer you an in-depth knowledge of the cars themselves and how their various systems interact with one another.

Car Designers

Every car on the road began as a drawing on a computer or piece of paper. To build out these designs, auto companies hire industrial designers to create a template for how their cars will look. These designers use CAD software and drawings to bring their ideas to life and ensure they’re compatible with current technology. According to Universal Technical Institute, most automotive tech designers hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or transportation design.


Technicians working under their direction must have either a 4-year degree in automotive technology or a high school diploma. Technicians also need specialized knowledge of engines, drivetrains, chassis, and electrical systems. Automotive tech supervisors should have five years of experience. They are responsible for planning and assigning work to technicians and monitoring work performance. Auto mechanics make up 43% of automotive service technicians and sales workers in California, according to data from the US.

Auto Body Repair Specialists

These professionals take care of a car’s exterior and interior. Depending on what you want to do, you may work in a body shop, work as a painter or use your artistic talent to repair automotive paint. Many skills are required to be good at auto body repair, which makes it one of the more complicated job roles for automotive technicians. To create customized designs for sports cars and SUVs, auto body experts need experience working with computers, software, and graphic design tools.

Auto Salesmen

Selling cars is a lot like selling anything else. It takes hard work, smarts, and determination. Auto salespeople often enjoy working in an ever-changing field—not only do they have to familiarize themselves with new models each year, but they also need to stay up-to-date on vehicle technology, car features, and customer preferences.

Auto Parts Manager

If you’re looking to become a manager of a dealership, auto parts store, or chain, you will need to earn a degree from your state’s community college. Once graduated, you can work your way up in rank at each position. Those who have experience working at dealerships or auto shops can also apply for their own independent businesses.

Car Mechanic

With a college degree in automotive technology, you may consider becoming a car mechanic. Many people choose to become mechanics because it provides them with steady work and potential for advancement within their company or job market. Mechanics have average starting salaries between $25,000 and $35,000 per year. According to BLS figures (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the employment of auto service technicians is expected to increase by 19% by 2026.

Working as an automotive technician may be for you if you’re looking to work in a fast-paced environment with many moving parts. The industry is growing rapidly, and there are plenty of opportunities available.

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