Bella Shmurda – Biography, Net Worth, Influences, and Early Career

Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian singer. She is an afrobeat artist who has been featured in several music videos. Her music is popular and she has influenced many musicians and artists. Below, you’ll find more information about her: Biography, Net worth, Influences, and Early career.


If you’re a fan of the singer Bella Shmurda, you may be curious about her biography. She was born in Nigeria, but is better known as a singer. She has a fascinating history, ranging from growing up in a poor neighborhood to her rise to stardom.

Bella Shmurda was born into a Muslim family, but grew up practicing Christianity. She has a younger brother named Teslim, who is also a professional dancer. Her parents were strict disciplinarians, but she’s managed to turn her upbringing around to a more modern lifestyle.

After breaking into the hip hop industry, Bella Shmurda moved to Lekki City, where she is now residing in a high-end apartment building. She also owns a fleet of luxury vehicles. She’s been pictured driving a Mercedes-AMG CLA 250, a super-powered vehicle that costs between 50 and 70 million NGN. She also lives in a very expensive house, which is full of high-tech features.

Bella Shmurda has a lot of fans, and she’s quickly making waves in the Niaja music scene. However, she’s still working to stay on top. This is evident by the number of songs she’s been releasing back-to-back. The singer’s biography includes information about her family and her career.

While Bella Shmurda’s biography is full of interesting facts, it’s important to note that there’s no concrete proof of her net worth, and the amount she makes is an unknown figure. The Bella Twins, a pair of American models, reportedly have a net worth of $20 million. They are a popular entertainment act in Nigeria, and have shared the stage with some big names in the industry.

Net worth

Bella Shmurda has been rated as one of the richest singers under 25 in Africa. Her songs have received massive airplay and she has performed at some of the biggest stages in Nigeria. She is a multi-talented musician who is also a big fan of luxury cars. She has been spotted with cars like the Range Rover and the Mercedes-AMG CLA 250.

Bella Shmurda’s net wealth is estimated to be about $65,000 or more. She became a superstar after collaborating with Olamide, but did not sign with YBNL. She later signed with DANGBANA REPUBLIK, which is affiliated with YBNL.

As an artist, Shmurda has released many singles. She is very dedicated to her music and is always in the studio working on new music. She has a loyal following of fans who call themselves Republikans or Dangbana. Her music falls under the Hip Hop genre and she calls her style “conscious” music. She has collaborated with other artists such as Zlatan Ibile, Runtown, Olamide, and Mohbad.

Bella Shmurda was born in Nigeria. Her real name is Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed. She grew up in Lagos and went to Lagos State University. She studies History and International Studies. She is a close friend of Poco Lee, the rapper famous for his Zanku moves.


Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. From the shanty town of Okokomaiko, she is gaining celebrity one single release at a time. She cites Queen Wasiu Ayinde, Olamide and Oritsefemi as her influences. Her songs often focus on ordinary Nigerians, which catalyzes her penchant for sharing personal stories. Despite her humble beginnings, Bella Shmurda has achieved fame and fortune by writing songs that focus on common people.

One of Robin K’s latest singles, “Bad Influence”, features Bella Shmurda and is produced by Drimz beats. The song features Bella Shmurda as a guest vocalist. It is a funky and energetic song about love, relationships, and the need to stay true to yourself.

Bella Shmurda’s sound is unique and she has created her own niche for herself in the Nigerian music industry. In fact, most upcoming street musicians sound like her. Her songs have made her a leading role in the rise of the new generation of Nigerian street hop. The singer is said to mix elements of multiple genres to create her own unique sound. She is an exceptionally talented singer.

In Nigeria, Bella Shmurda has been compared to Nigerian superstars like Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, and Wizkid. Her music is unique and her lyrics are incredibly inspirational.

Early career

After attending public schools in Lagos, Nigeria, Bella Shmurda entered the entertainment industry. She started recording songs in 2013 and has been promoting her music ever since. She is currently enrolled in the Lagos State University and studies International Relations and History. Her music is based on Hip Hop and R&B.

Bella Shmurda was born on February 20, 1997, and is currently 24 years old. She completed her primary and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria. In December 2018, she released her first single, Vision 2020, which was remixed by Olamide. Her net worth is estimated to be around $65,000.

Since the release of Vision 2020, Bella Shmurda has released many singles and has collaborated with several popular artists. In the Nigerian music industry, she has worked with artists such as Zlatan and Mohbad. Her 2020 EP peaked at number three on the Apple Music Top 100 chart and has nearly 40 million streams on Audiomack. Her songs are also available on streaming services such as Deezer and Spotify.

Bella Shmurda’s career has been marked by ups and downs. She began releasing music in 2013, uploading it to social media, and it was not until Olamide heard it that she signed to the YBNL record label. She has a strong voice and an amazing voice that can make you feel like you are listening to a rap song.

Career ups and downs

Bella Shmurda’s music career has seen its ups and downs over the years. She started her career in 2013 by posting music to social media. She was soon signed to a record label by Olamide after the rapper heard one of her songs. Despite being a relatively new artist, Bella is making waves on the music scene, and her song “Mission 2020” is already charting in the top 100.

The singer was born in Nigeria on 27 January 1997 and attended Lagos State University. She studied International Relations and History at the university. At an early age, she was interested in music. She has had several hit songs since her first release, and has since released several music videos.

After a challenging year, Shmurda is back on track, having released a successful freestyle album entitled “Dangbana Orisa” seven months after her debut project. She’s also featured on the albums of Afrobeats heavyweights Olamide and Davido. She also released her biggest single yet with the single “CashApp”, featuring the street icon Zlatan Ibile and rising debutant Lincoln. The video was directed by Jubreel.

The singer was also accused of being a cultist and was attacked by members of another cult group in Nigeria. The rival cult group attacked Shmurda while she was performing at a Nigerian university. The attackers attacked Shmurda for flying the Yellow flag, a color often associated with a cult group. However, Bella Shmurda’s music career continues to grow. She’s now signed to a record label and is releasing hit songs such as “Vision 2020” featuring Olamide and Cash App featuring Zlatan Ibile.


Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian singer who dropped out of Lagos State University and has risen to fame as a singer. Recently, he released a song called Vision 2020, featuring Olamide, and has accumulated more than 550 million streams on the music charts. Despite this success, Shmurda says that if he hadn’t dropped out of school, he would have fallen into poverty. Fortunately for him, LASU took him back to school and encouraged him to continue on with his studies.

Bella Shmurda attended Lagos State University Staff School, Badagry Grammar School, and the Lagos State University. While she was in school, she studied International Relations and History. She later turned to music, releasing her first single in 2013. Since then, Shmurda has released several singles, including ‘Mission 2020.’

Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian singer whose real name is Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed. She grew up in a music-loving family and discovered her talent at a young age. She has a distinctive voice and studied at the University of Lagos. Her parents are lecturers and head teachers. She is currently 25 years old.

Bella Shmurda’s career has had its ups and downs. She had to balance school and music. In 2018, she released a remix of “Vision 2020,” featuring Olamide. She went on to release several hit songs with acclaimed artists. She has also won several awards, including the prestigious Next Rated Male award.

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