Ways to Find the Right Tutor For your Kids : Checklist

The demand for online or offline tutors for kids is increasing globally daily. Parents are looking for tutors for their kids to enhance their academic performance. Whether your child needs a boost in a specific subject or needs help to learn a new skill, like playing piano, tutoring can offer multiple benefits. However, finding the correct tutor is a task. You cannot just go to the first tutoring website or institute and hire a tutor for your child. The future of the child depends on the tutor. Thus, finding a qualified tutor is necessary. Also, there are things to see, like whether the timings suit you or not, or if the child is comfortable learning from a particular tutor, and more.

All these things matter! Therefore, to find the best online tutor for kids, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. These will help you determine the best tutor who can aid the child in achieving the academic & non-academic goals.

Understand the need

The foremost factor which helps a parent decide on a tutor for their kids is the need. What requirements does the child have from the tutor? Every child has a different academic need from the tutor, which also depends on their grades. For instance, when looking for a tutor for 1st grade, the parent wants the kid to get familiar with reading. To make the kid confident enough to speak and learn the meaning of school. This changes as the kid’s grades change. For higher grades, kids look for a tutor that may help them learn and do better in a specific subject to help them score better. Academic performance is the foremost requirement for a child. Thus, a tutor should be able to provide & guide the child. 

Flexible hours or not

Tutoring helps advance a kid’s academic career but shouldn’t pressure a kid’s daily schedule and deprive them of other activities. Thus, checking to see if the tutoring agency provides flexible hours or not is essential. In addition, this helps the child make up for any class they miss by taking another one on the same day. 

Consider whether you want a one-on-one tutor or a class that will suit the child better.

Another factor you should keep in mind when hiring a tutor for your child is the class size. If the tutor teaches a class of ten to fifteen students, your child may or may not be comfortable with such a setting. If the child’s academic grades are not very good or he distracts easily, it’s better to go with a class with fewer students. Such children may also benefit from one-to-one tutoring.

Price and budget

Price is a massive factor when choosing a tutor. Often a tutor whose fees are higher provides better value as they have good experience and teach excellently. In some cases, this may not be true. However, 90% of the time, what you pay is what you get. Therefore, asking a few questions related to price is essential. as it helps you get a better idea if the tutor or tutoring agency is the right fit for your kid or not. These are:

  • Payment policies: Know the overall charges and when the tutor expects them. Also, ask if there are any advance payments or not.
  • Cancellation and refund policies if you paid a sum in advance for a quarter.

Is there a progress report?

Another factor that you cannot overlook is the progress report. If the tutor is not providing any feedback or progress report every month or every 15 days, that tutor is not correct for your kid. If a parent cannot evaluate the child’s progress, how will they know if the tutoring is benefiting the child or not?

Experience and qualifications of a tutor

Before finalizing tutors, look at their degrees. If a tutor isn’t well qualified, how will they help your kid reach their potential? Also, experience in this field matters. Of course, new tutors are good too. But if you are looking for tutors for high-grade students, it is best to go with well-experienced teachers.

Every tutor has a different approach to teaching. They plan separate lessons and take different methods to teach a child. All this is necessary to understand before you hire a tutor for your kid. A tutor who doesn’t fit the child’s needs may do more harm than good. So, take your time and take help from online resources if necessary.

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