How Automation Testing Tools Help with the Oracle EBS Testing?

OracleCloud-based platform serves as a dedicated interface that can make available the necessary online networking solutions, storage space, and services that can help with hassle-free management of business operations. Almost every type of business has opted for an integrated Oracle Cloud Interface with their normal operations. However, continuous changes, fixes, and upgrades within the same can lead to business disruptions. Timely testing of every aspect related to the Oracle E-business Suite, therefore, becomes a necessity. The manual testing procedures used by organizations can prove to be a time-consuming and difficult process. Therefore, use of automated solutions that can enable better test coverage and reduced business inconvenience can prove to be beneficial.

Oracle EBS testing enables hassle-free management and testing of various EBS platforms, their updates, and applications. The platform is fully capable of offering better productivity, and improved test coverage of Oracle EBS upgrades. Moreover, being a cloud-based technology, the organization does not require the installation of any components. The platform is fully capable of carrying out testing procedures remotely without any need for creating dedicated test scripts as well. Manual intervention of testers and developers for creating test scripts is eradicated.

The Oracle automated testing platform can deliver all the necessary corporations like improved application quality and business performance. The testing procedures can be carried out in an autonomous and automated manner. Moreover, any bugs and fixes can be easily resolved without any inconvenience. The testing scripts are inbuilt within the platform that can be used and reused for every type of testing procedure.

The Oracle EBS is best known for its following capabilities:

  1. Cloud base platform that does not require any installation
  2. Rigorous continuous testing of various aspects and applications
  3. Parallel testing for faster and hassle-free delivery 
  4. Availability of advanced debugging tools for identification of any bugs.
  5. Multi-browser support like web and mobile-based application
  6. Automated Oracle EBS testing planning and scope identification 
  7. Carrying out functional and regression testing analysis 
  8. Generation of automatic testing reports 

The Oracle EBS automation tools serve as the most reliable that can help in the end-to-end testing of EBS upgrades. Necessary fixes, upgradation, and even migration to the Oracle EBS can all be made possible through a single platform that is complete with all the necessary features and functionalities. The tools follow a three-step approach which is listed below:

1. Analysing and planning:

Oracle EBS testing platform can easily understand, analyse and plan the testing requirements. Various evaluation tools and testing scripts are created automatically through the use of artificial intelligence-based technologies.

2. Development and execution:

Test environments are developed, and the necessary testing procedures are carried out. Any defects and bugs are resolved and fixed. Continuous testing procedures are also ensured.]

3. Maintenance and improvement:

The gaps in the testing scripts are identified, analysis reports are generated, and dedicated maintenance and improvement procedures are carried out.

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