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How is an artist depicting environmental issues with creative arts? 

Many artists take inspiration from the beauty of Earth and reflect it in their works. Apart from celebrating its unique beauty, they also highlight the negative impacts humans have on this planet. The artworks go beyond admiring natural beauty. 

Several artists are raising awareness of environmental issues through thought-provoking paintings, visual arts, sculptures, and videography. The common themes of environmental artists are climate change, pollution, and biodiversity. Innovative arts can influence public opinion and promote positive change among the public. Arts also stress the need to preserve nature and prevent impending disasters on humans through corrective measures. 

Renowned environmental artist in Delhi 

India is one of the few countries to face nature’s fury due to global warming and climate change. India can witness more cyclones and irregular rainfall affecting the livelihood of its denizen in the years to come. It is imperative to create public awareness about the preservation of nature and battle global warming issues at this juncture. 

Inspired by nature, Aarti Zaveri is a renowned visual artist in Delhi who has been creating art on environmental issues. Many of her paintings, installations, sculptures, and short films reflect the beauty of nature and environmental concerns. Her creative ideas are often inspired by topography changes due to rapid growth and development in India. She puts on the canvas what she experienced as a child, like scarcity of water and growth that took place at the cost of nature. And, ill-effects of rapid industrialization that has affected the environment in her surrounding. 

Moreover, she highlights climate change, deforestation, and population explosion issue through her artworks. But, she depicts a ray of hope for a better world, people, and love in her works. The impact of her art goes beyond the appreciation of beautiful nature but communicates crucial messages to the public about environmental preservation. She has become a part of the solution through her artistic projects. 

As a skilled environmental artist in India, she has learned to use all parameters of nature, such as mountains, fields, streams, rivers, seas, plants, trees, soils, and other in the projects. She can use intangible elements such as wind, sound, light, and shadows in canvas with the appropriate sensitivity and imagination. Mother nature is truly an inspiration for her. 

Further, she has a good understanding of human emotions. She has made portraits of many Param Vir Chakra awardees depicting joy, pride, and sorrow. Portraits have earned her accolades from renowned personalities in India. 


The combination of arts and environmental issues is not new. The concept of environmental art emerged in the 1960s. Artists have worked hard to use their talent to contribute to building a more sustainable world. Their artworks communicated vital education messages on practical solutions for soil, water, and nature preservation. These powerful pieces of art have created awareness and transformed communities to be more sensitive to nature. 

Aarti Zaveri continues to use the transformative power of art to create awareness and social change. The interesting and engaging artworks depict the reality of the surroundings and nature. The creative artistic projects have inspired us to be more sensitive to nature and our surroundings. 

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